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What is a cool, creative, and relatively inexpensive way to ask someone to prom?

Asked by warpling (846points) April 14th, 2009

Something neat, but not on the level of engagement, classy yet fun, and hard to mess up…

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“Yo momma so smart, she thinks you should go to prom with me.”

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A totally free way to ask it to suggest that instead of going to the prom this year, how about you and your date go to the local food bank and help feed the poor.

If you absolutely must go to the prom, then suggest that the two of you offer to supply a limousine and persuade your parents to rent one and drive around and pick up your friends.

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I just got asked outright this year… which was kind of a bummer, but I have some ways that my guy friends have asked their dates this year.

One went to build a bear and recorded it as a message, one pained the spirit rock asking, one used window paint and got her car.. In the past I got a surprise visit when I was getting off of work and a poster asking.. It all depends on the girl and what you two like to do together. Good luck :)

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@nromstadt Totally lame ideas :P

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What would your suggestions be then, assuming you ever got a girl to actually go to prom with you… Your mom doesn’t count either.

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@nromstadt Ouch…. kitties got teeth….... :)

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Use candles to form PROM? in her yard. Of course it has to be dark out, and hopefully her bedroom window is on the second floor. I would ask her parents first or her dad might call the cops.

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call a local radio station and see if they will arrange a call & ask.

Of course if she says no the everyone will know. But if she says yes you rock.

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@elijahsuicide That’s a really cute idea

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Save here disabled brother from getting beat up. Then she will ask you. But when
You pick here up two things:
1. Don’t touch her brothers ears
2. Don’t use there bathroom or you will get your “thing” stuck.

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@westy81585 I thought you liked it when I bite?

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Make a cake (or cupcakes) and with icing ask them to prom. It’s relatively inexpensive, and they can eat it.

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dude prom is not like getting married whats with all the creative ways to ask someone out. Just grab her by the hair and drag her to the prom with you. If shes the one for you she will like it.

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@LKidKyle1985 Hahahahaha
@nromstadt I liked your ideas, thank you
I have seen a lot of this in past years however. Anything new besides dragging her by her hair? :/

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@LKidKyle1985 Totally true.. I actually enjoy having my hair pulled, but not usually in public :)

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@nromstadt what are you doing tomorrow evening ;)

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Oh snap, I did not expect that answer. lol but you know, i hear westy pulls hair like a girl, you should have him introduce us some time

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Another idea (only if she has a great sense of humor) is to go buy a cheap ugly prom dress from goodwill for like $10. It should be ruffled, frilly, and puffy. Preferably a pastel color.
Take it to school and hang it on her locker. When she says “WTF is that?!?” you say “a beautiful dress for prom! It’s all yours if you agree to go with me”.

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@LKidKyle1985 Well.. I couldn’t really say :D

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@elijahsuicide sounds risky, but funny if pulled off. haha note the hard to mess up part :P

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@nromstadt for some reason I suspect you can….

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@nromstadt I’m good at pulling hair, the ex made me do it…I got kinda good at it.

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“Nice shoes. Wanna go to prom with me?”

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A boy once asked me to Homecoming over the school’s PA system. I’m sure the people who announce things in the morning would be happy to help out! And it will make her feel really special! Good Luck!

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I got it! But, only if you are well liked, and know that the answer probably will be yes, only so you don’t look like a complete fool. Actually i have a couple of options for you.

1. If your school has a PA system and announces stuff regularly, i would go with having them say something along the lines of ”... and lastly today Sally, Jimmy wants to know if you will go to prom with him?....” or close to it. Maybe with something sweet and cheesy at the end of the question.
2. I know it’s not really the season to have one, but if there is a pep rally or some other event in which the whole school is going to be at, hopefully including her, you, or the cheer squad or someone of importance, asks her there.
3. In the school paper is also another good way to do it. cheap, easy, and really creative!
4. Lastly, if your school does video announcements or anything like a group of students who do the news, have them bring it up there. Then it would be televised and hey, even you could possibly get on there briefly and ask. Why not live life to its fullest?!

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1. order a pizza to her house. take m&m’s and decorate the pizza saying “Prom? – “whatever your name is”.
2. or if you know what her favorite book is, or a book she’s interested in. buy the book, tell her there’s a new bookmark to go with it. You can customize a card as the bookmark saying “will you go to prom with me? ” or get a friend that can draw to make the card/bookmark. When she searches for the bookmark inside the book, she will read what it says.
3. or borrow her cell phone one day. if it’s a camera phone this is perfect. you can make your own sign that says “will you go to prom with me” and take a picture of the poster sign while her phone is in your possession. Make the picture her wallpaper for her phone’s screen and when you give her, her phone back, she will open up her phone and see the sign/wallpaper.

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Well. This is my senior year now, and I just wanted to add another idea one of my guy friends came up with. He’s going to get a big box and paint it pink. He’s going to then fill the box with pink balloons that have pig faces. Then on the box it’s going to say “I would like you to be my prom date when pigs fly” and at that moment once she finishes reading, he’s going to open the box and let the balloons out.

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Wow, I’m feeling old. When I was in high school, Joe just came up to me in the hallway and said, “Hey Lauren, wanna go to the prom with me?” I said, “Of course!” End of conversation. Things are getting way too complicated these days. You’re not asking the girl to marry you!

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