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Ways to combat nausea whilst preggers?

Asked by Jude (32134points) April 15th, 2009
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Eat/drink lots of stuff w/ Ginger, real ginger ale, foods cooked w/ lots of ginger, gingerbread cookies (real ones, you can probably find recipes online)...
There’s also prescription meds if the ginger doesn’t work, but before that, try also the wrist band for sea sickness.

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Over-the-counter anti nausea medications are likely OK w/ your OB-Gyn, but you should check first.


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Saltines – you can try nibbling on a few when you first get up in the morning. Flat ginger ale is also helpful.

I threw up every morning for 9 months with each pregnancy but wasn’t so queasy during the day after the first couple of months.

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I never had much morning sickness, but friends who did told me to eat a little bit all day long. Always try to keep something in your stomach. I have also heard that it doesn’t do any good to make yourself throw up.


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Giving birth.

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Preggie Pop Drops worked for me, you can buy them online or at a local babies r us. And the saltines also helped me. Good Luck!

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Several small meals a day, spread out the food! In the morning, keep a drink and something plain (saltines – low salt if you have any blood pressure issues) next to the bed, before you move a lot – nibble! (It doesn’t always work, but it can help.) Eat smart, don’t eat a lot of heavy or greasy things and make sure you are getting proteins in, really, a good balance is best.

@miasmom mentioned Preggie Pop Drops, I’ve heard good things about them, but I never tried them – actually, I’m not sure they were out when I was pregnant the last time. I have a friend that swears by them.

Keep yourself hydrated, too.

Understand that sometimes, there’s nothing on this planet that will make it stop. Don’t fight it – just try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. If you start to get very uncomfortable or concerned with staying so sick – talk to your doctor. There are things they can give you, if it gets really bad.

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Munch on Ginger stem

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I would always eat small snacks, just to fight off the nausea. Like saltines or whatever.
And I recently read, from that Duggar lady (the one who has 18 kids) that she drinks apricot juice. She’s been pregnant a lot, so I’m thinking it’s worth a shot.

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B-Natal lollipops work VERY well! You can get them from your doc (sometimes they’ll give free sample boxes;) or from your local Maternity clothing store.

You shold test what works for you, also. For some it’s toast, popcorn, a small bowl of rice, rice crackers, or small servings of Cheerios through out the day.

For me, I HAD to eat a small bowl of cereal or have a piece of toast prior to sleep or I’d be nauseous all night long. Some are just the oppopsite and need crackers at their bedside so that when they arise in the morn it’s waiting there to combat the “morning” sickness.

My doc had some nice B-vitamin pills for me, too. I’d ask the doc if I were you, as he/she may have some samples to give you or some good advice!

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Most have already been mentioned. But you can add a few more to the list.
– Eat healthy foods.
– Avoid certain smells. (Your sense of smell is much more sensitive now.)
– Acupressure, acupuncture and massage may also help.

Good luck and congratulations!

PS While morning sickness sucks, it’s also a good thing. There have been studies that say that women who experience morning sickness are less likely to have a miscarriage!

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@preggersone thing to mention about massage, it’s very important to make sure the massage therapist knows that you are pregnant. I’m not sure at what point – if there is a certain point, where it becomes critical, but it is important for them to be aware of the pregnancy! Besides, the pregnancy massage tables, are so comfortable! :)

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