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Where Will America Be Four Years From Now?

Asked by TheKNYHT (686points) April 15th, 2009

Obama’s popularity rating seems to have taken a significant plunge, but his supporters are still very optimistic that he can fix the woes of our beleagured nation. How do you see him working things out? Is he succeeding, failing, just really getting warmed up? What will be the complexion and condition of America after his four year term is up?

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Reintegrated into western civilization. A partner, not a bully. A listening friend and not a know-it-all. Thank God the Cheneys and the Wolfowitzes are gone.

America like the rest of the world will also have survived the severe recession. There will be a new wave of innovation. Renewable energies will be more widespread and energy efficiency a high priority.

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Sunshine, chocolate, and angels dancing across daisy-speckled fields.

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Celebrating the 4th year anniversary of you asking this question!

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His popularity has taken a significant plunge?

Where exactly is the plunge? It’s hovered at +60% since post-inauguration.

Four years from now, I hope that conservatives finally learn they can’t just lie and make shit up in this here information age.

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I’m putting my money on “still in North America”.

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19 centimeters further from Europe. Politically, it’s too soon to tell.

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Will just have voted in a new president (I hope).

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@Qingu I read this in the Tucson Citizen. I didn’t lie, nor did I “make this shit up” as you so delicately put it!

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Cite your sources next time.

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President Obamanation and the rest of the country will be trying to figure a way out of the largest national debt the world has ever seen.

No matter what you do, you cannot borrow your way out of debt, even if that is the limit of his vision.

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In four years, the US will be between the Atlantic, the Pacific, Canada and Mexico.

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No different than now other than the magnitude of effort and sacrifice to pay off the debt will be starting to sink in and people will be having to work harder to do so. People and politicians will no longer be “in denial” about it.

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