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What are some good gay TV shows or movies?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 15th, 2009

I want to download some, I would stick on the gay TV shows as I have a lot of gay movies (not porn)

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Will and Grace?

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L Word (of course)
I never really got into Queer as Folk, but many people loved it. Some Logo shows are cool. Rick & Steve (animated) is hilarious. There is also Exes & Ohs and Noah’s Ark.

There really isn’t much out there. Watch old Hercules episodes; that show was seriously gay.

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The only ones I’ve seen were “Milk” recently and “Philadelphia” which was on TV last night. But I don’t consider either of them to be “gay”. They’re just movies about people who happen to be gay. I don’t understand what you mean by gay but not porn. As in love stories of gay people? “Brokeback Mountain” type of thing?

Or do you just want to watch something where some of the characters are gay? I have to think about this a bit…

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I’ve never see the American version but the British version is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

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The Big Gay Sketch Show is hilarious if you’re looking for comedy.

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“Victor Victoria” is a hilarious musical/movie about a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. Like Jack79 said above, it isn’t really a “gay” movie (not sure what you mean by that), but some of the characters are gay.

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High School Musical

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I remember a movie from the 70’s called “Outrageous” that was hysterical.
There is a movie about John Lennon and Brian Epstein called “The Hours and the Times” that I haven’t seen.
And, while it isn’t really about gay life, Robert Downey Jr. plays a gay man in “Home for the Holidays”, and that is a great movie.

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Brokeback Mountain?

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I just started watching Queer Eye. It makes me laugh. Gays guys are hilarious lol

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The Celluloid Closet is an amazing documentary about queer subject matter throughout history in the movies. Really interesting and touching to see how negative it used to be and how much progress has been made.

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I can’t help but wonder if Trust Me (on TNT) is always about to veer into manporn.

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There was a wonderful pioneering sitcom on Showtime in the 80s called Brothers.

It is available on DVD. I don’t know about downloadable.

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This isn’t a tv show, but ma vie en rose is a really really good movie about a french transgendered little kid.

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Mambo Italiano is a good little “gay” film.

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“Prayers for Bobby” – I hear is a pretty moving film shown on life time, based on a true story. I read the synopsis on the book and a little bit of the beginning at Barnes and Nobles and it took some effort to put down.

I’m not always a fan of gay oriented media – I think it often poorly portrays gay themes and over dramatizes the lifestyle. I keep my eyes open though.

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Spongebob Squarepants.

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Lol @eponymoushipster!

Milk is so good @Jack79! I second that.

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@aviona & @Jack79- Did it give you a milk mustache?

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no Astro, I’m not even remotely gay :)

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@elijahsuicideMy improv coach was a cast member on that show!

My So-Called Life had a some episodes about Angela Chase’s Latino friend, Rickie Vasquez, who was gay and the issues he had to face with his orientation in his homophobic family. There were also episodes that featured how others dealt with kids having gay parents. It’s just a great show in general.

When I was a very little kid, 1973 maybe? there was a miniseries on public TV called An American Family that featured a family called the Louds. It was the first reality series. If you can find it, it’s worth seeking out, as the son Lance came out to his family more or less on national television, and this was only a few years after Stonewall.

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The N had a show called South of Nowhere about teenage lesbians. I’m not sure if it’s still on though…

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I haven’t seen Go Fish, but I understand it is a good film with a lesbian theme.

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Skins is a brilliant British TV series about a bunch of teenagers in their last few years of secondary school. While the cast was completely refreshed in this third season, there’s a gay character in the main cast of all the seasons with prominent storylines.

It consistently surprises me with a really raw insight on what kids that age face, along with a dash of sharply crude humor, and congruently beautiful production values.

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Oh no don’t say that, skins is a terrible reflection on British culture, that peer pressures teenagers to live a morally depraved life style with no regard to others feelings. We do not face this and we need not face this. Drinking, taking drugs and promiscuous lives are not positive attributed.

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Oh I don’t mean to imply at all that Skins reflects British (or any culture) really. I know it’s been criticized for portraying unrealistic and depraved caricatures of teens but I don’t think the show condones this behaviour. For me it’s like any other drama that constructs a set of characters for the purposes of entertainment, in interviews I believe it’s been said that they’re showing a very particular segment of society, not at all what normal kids are like. And while the kids do many, many questionable things there’s generally consequences for their actions, I don’t think it glorifies sex and drugs so much as working with a universe and characters that happen to do these things.

I’d liken it to how some complained that Will and Grace promoted gay stereotypes but the show isn’t supposed to represent some benchmarks of values or image – just to be entertaining. Certainly not all gay guys act like Will or Jack.

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While it’s not exactly a “gay show” – I’d recommend “Little Britain” – sketch comedy with an ongoing gay character – played by the amazingly funny, talented, gay actor/writer Matt Lucas.

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movies: mysterious skin, blue citrus hearts, not another gay movie, brokeback mountain, milk, je t’aime paris (well, technically it’s only one scene. it’s composed of a bunch of different storylines, and gaspard ulliel (who is the biggest reason i saw the movie) plays a (beautiful) gay man), running with scissors

i don’t know of many shows, but project runway always works…and marco from degrassi! he has and always will be my favourite.

i know quite a few books. you didn’t ask, but i’ll mention them just in case.
anything by david levithan. he writes youth-based novels, but they’re well-written and developed, and incredibly unique. all of his books involve gay characters, sometimes as minor characters, but almost always major (even nick & norah, which was his book originally, included gay characters. they just didn’t really pay any mind to them in the movie. michael cera was in a ‘queer punk band’ or something). chuck palahniuk is gay, and does tend to include gay characters and/or transgendered folks. besides that, he’s an incredible writer in general. i’m not myself these days by josh kilmer-purcell!! running with scissors, in book form, is better than the movie. ah i can probably list a bunch more books, but i don’t want to veer too off topic :x

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@tiffyandthewall Mysterious Skin was a great movie but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to watch again, it’s that crushing. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that of a movie…

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Brokeback Mountain is my favorite movie.

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Well, there’s Torchwood (a UK show). You can watch it at surf the channel(dot) com (but without spaces). I really like it because it has a science fiction theme, and, in my opinion, doesn’t over-dramatize ‘the gay concept’ (later on in the series, the main pairing is Jack Harkness and Ianto (pronounced yan-to or yan-toe because it’s a Welsh name) Jones.

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shelter is the best

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