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Have you ever had a vivid hallucination?

Asked by aviona (3260points) April 15th, 2009

What did you see? Do you believe that it was in any way related to something going on in your life at the time (e.g.: your greatest fear come to life) or was it completely random?

Were you alone?

Was it the caused by drugs? Extreme heat or cold? Lack of food or water? Something else perhaps?

Was it so intense that your perspective was forever altered? How so?

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I had plenty of vivid hallucinations years ago when I took acid (LSD) and Mescaline. I saw snow on the ground turn into bugs. I saw tree branches curl up and rotate around like a ferris wheel. I saw the flesh on my arms melt away. I saw other people’s faces turn into colorful geometric shapes. All very frightening at the time, and I’d never take any drug like that again.

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Yes, I have. It occurred on 1/1/08 at 11:11pm (the amount of “ones” in the date are significant… somehow.) Completely indescribable. I remember seeing everything in my life as the cogs, springs, and sprockets of a clock.

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Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a vivid hallucination but when I was 18, I went to England to see a friend of mine. After I got off the plane, my friend and I went to a play and I was very tired. I had been up for 32 hours straight and when I looked into the audience, I swear I saw a girl from my high school which I knew couldn’t be true.

I’m not sure if this counts as a hallucination since I was fighting to stay awake, but it’s the closest thing I’ve had to one.

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i was tripping really hard on ambien the first time i took it and hung out with the furniture in my basement. they were talking back to me and had names and my recliner was swinging me around the room (i was probably just spinning in it or something). ‘Twas a gay ‘ole time.

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That happened to me the first time I took Ambien, too, @timeand_distance. Mostly voices, though, not so much hallucinations.

@rawpixels, sounds familiar :)

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Similar to @rawpixels I took LSD and saw peoples’ faces turn demon-like and wax drippings from a candle were like little wormy crawly things. At one point I couldn’t hear anyone, but everybody in the house seemed to be swinging from the furniture like monkeys. It wasn’t as scary as it sounds, though… kind of neat.

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Only on shrooms. I talked to a tree, and I saw, felt, and heard it talking back to me. It was beautiful, and my favorite drug-induced (or otherwise) hallucination ever. My second favorite was also on shrooms, and it was laying with my best friend on the steps inside our apartment, staring at the ceiling and watching it snow (from the ceiling. Inside.)

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@timeand_distance Ambien sure is a good ol time

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Yeah, I was taking Lunesta at the time of mine. My great night landed me in Intensive Care, and later, rehab. No plans of doing that again, but I don’t regret it for the world.

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@facade we have a bit of a history together, and love each other very, very much.

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I hallucinated almost every time I took Ambien. It was not my prescription, it was my boyfriends at the time.
I remember fa-reaking out about something in his bathroom floating out, like a black ghost like creature, along the ceiling. It was awful.
I also hallucinated in labor. I got a drug called Stadol, because it has less severe side effects than getting morphine, and both are given to just ease the pain of contractions, so your body can relax and your cervix opens up, well..
instead of sleeping like they suggested, I stayed away and began laughing my ass off at all the crazy things I was seeing. Apparently something in the bathroom (in my room) was cracking me up. I don’t know exactly what I saw, but I recall loving how I felt, and I wish I could take Stadol right now lol

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oh, and they told me the Stadol would work for an hour and a half, but it only lasted 45 minutes for me.

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/googles stadol

that sounds awesome! i wanna try.

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@casheroo who knew giving birth could be such a kick in the pants!

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@casheroo : Oh my god, Stadol was the best part of labor! That must be what heroin is like. I would’ve sworn I was in Heaven. It’s almost worth getting pregnant again. You’re right, it doesn’t last long. I asked for another dose, and it didn’t work as well the second time.

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@timeand_distance LMAO I think I’m in love as well.

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@casheroo I’m beginning to think that happens whenever someone stays up instead of sleeping when given a sedative

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Throughout my life until my late twenties (which I am in right now) I have had what is sometimes called “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”. This means that if I get sick (or sometimes I not sick but i’m not sure what the trigger is) I can feel like Alice in Wonderland. Items will appear much larger than they actually are or much smaller. They will move much faster or slower. When I walk it feels as if I’m running even though I cognitively know I’m walking. Or one time my fingers looked old and brittle like “witch fingers” but I could feel them and tell they weren’t. It is a trip. (no I don’t take drugs,lol)

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@ubersiren lol, I knew someone else had to have experienced the joys of Stadol. And I’ll admit, I totally look forward to having another, just for the epidural hahaha
Oh, and when they gave me Dilaudid for my ovarian cyst rupture…other than thinking I was paralyzed in my neck (I tend to freak out when given numbing agents, and I thought I was dying when I took it) I was told it was the closest thing to heroin. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I didn’t hallucinate though, I think I was too scared to.

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I got something like that, too, @casheroo when my ovarian cyst ruptured. I could hardly think or speak! I was in complete la la land!

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Hmm… All this talk of drug experiences has jogged my memory. Whenever I go to the dentist and have to inhale nitrus oxide, parts of my body feel as if they are moving independently from one another. Usually I feel as if my hips have detached and are swiveling while my torso swivels in the opposite direction.

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