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Do guys think LoveHandles are sexy?

Asked by NicoleMaeRose (25points) April 15th, 2009

Guys, Im 115 pounds and im 5’4 but im self conscious. What do you think about Love Handles?

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Based on your stats, they couldn’t be very big handles. Don’t worry.

EDIT: To answer your question, however, “Only the ones in the front!!!”

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Yeah, I doubt you have love handles, dear.

I’m an inch taller than you and like…15 or 20 pounds heaver than you and I don’t have love handles.

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I wouldn’t worry, that sounds fit. And I like curves.

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Some low-rise styles of jeans/pants/skirts are cut in a way that give love handles to trim and slender people. I’ve seen SKELETAL girls where you could see where their ribs attach on their sternums, but the jeans they wear cut in funny at the hops and give a false muffin top/love handle look. You know what I mean.

Pick a more flattering style of clothing, maybe.

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You don’t have love handles unless you have absolutely no muscle tone.

Edit:Oh, and if it’s muffin tops, yes, please wear different pants. Those low-rise things can make nice bodies look like crap.

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@ru2bz46 i do have love handles. Its almost like im top heavy. I have big boobs but a flat tummy. It seems more like im wide acrossed.

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At 5’4 and 115 lbs, and you think you’re overweight…. I know girls with eating disorders who weigh more than you do.

If you take that as a compliment, go get help.

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In my experience, if you feel sexy and like your body, others will find you sexy. Most people could care less about little physical idiosyncrasies on their partner. Work on your confidence and self esteem, and the rest will follow.

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@3or4monsters im on here to GET HELP, not have someone tell me i have an eating disorter.. THANK YOU!!!! Peace

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@NicoleMaeRose I just can’t see it. You are thin. If you really do have love handles you could try working out. Yoga will whip you into shape in no time, especially “Forrest” style, which focuses a good amount on the core. Talk to your doctor first to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise.

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Oh gosh, a fight is a comin! haha

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Your height and weight don’t make a difference. Those are just numbers. Two girls of the exact same height and weight can have extreme differences in body shape. Weighing 115 does not mean you are attractive (not saying you aren’t). It only means you weigh 115.

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Im an hourglass shape. Im heavy chested but my bum is kinda flat. i play soccer during soccer season, i go for walks all the time. and a matter of fact i pig out all the time. so i don’t have an eatting disorter, and im very healthy

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@NicoleMaeRose It sounds like you just need to tone up with a full-body workout. Find a good yoga studio for some intro classes (about ten classes should do), then get some DVD’s (Rodney Yee does some great beginner ones

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Any question that asks, “Do guys….” or “Do girls….” can only be answered with “Some do, some don’t.”

If you have love handles, look for guys that like love handles. There are some out there.

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Hip bones sticking out of your side are not love handles. You are skin and bones!

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shut up all of you “zomg youre so thin get help” people, seriously. you haven’t seen a picture of this girl, you don’t know what her body looks like. why is it so hard to grasp that she MAY have little love handles, and why is it being argued over? answer the damn question, it’s not that hard.

my answer:
some guys think a little bit of love handles are cute, but it doesn’t do anything for most guys.

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@timeand_distance OMG i love you!!! your so hot!! lmao :)

I’m so sick of people getting mad at me!

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Please take this in the spirit it’s intended.

Based on this question and the one you asked about your “boyfriend” leaving you, and your admitted age of 17, I really think you might want to look into some healthy ways for improving your self-image. Start living for yourself and what you hold true and important, not what others think of you. It’s very hard at your age, but as you approach adulthood, it’s a valuable part of living a mature life. You will also be much happier.

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i love curves personally, curves make a woman

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@anoop66 are you just saying that becasue of my avatar.

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well these avatar pics are too small to see anything, lol. was just saying in general. Don’t know if you gals have any idea or not. But indian gals are hot, and they come with curves ;_)

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Men love curves, they like healthy women.

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@NicoleMaeRose Sweetie, I am WAY bigger than you,and have had a baby, with a c-section, so I have love handles and a poochie tummy. I have alway been worried about this. After my hubby got mad at me for not taking my night gown off for some lovin’ I finally confessed my worries to him. He replied “that is the LAST thing I am thinking of while we are together!!” Don’t worry about it, and if some guy brings it up, get a new guy!

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you sound perfect dont worry about it

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If you’re 5’4” and 115 lbs, you sound really petite and attractive so I doubt that you have love handles. If you do, they must be miniscule and in that case, you don’t have to worry about them.

What do I personally think of love handles? I’ve never had a problem with them but I don’t see them very often either.

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your weight and height sound ok.. so i think your good to go!

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I think you might have gotten some better responses had you not put your height and weight in the more section.

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Sweetheart, with those measurements you are about perfect. ;)

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I’m more into “like handles.”

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curves are sexy. just sayin. you sound beautiful, and i’d be anything that you are.

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You can be 115 and flabby. I’ve seen all sorts of skinny unfit people like that. Work more weight training into your exercise routine. Don’t worry, you won’t have big, bulky muscles. Most women don’t have enough testosterone to develop that way. You’ll firm up, though. Plus, it helps you feel better about yourself when you’re able to do some weight training and use your body in such a positive way.

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I agree @aprilsimnel. I’m so sore from lifting for the first time in a while yesterday and it feels fabulous!

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@NicoleMaeRose : You caught me out. I am jealous, and you probably make more money than I do, and I am 72. I clearly have problems.

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i’d rather have class than money

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Based on what I know about you @NicoleMaeRose, Gail is a thousand times more attractive, successful and has far fewer problems than you.

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@NicoleMaeRose How are you doing porn when you are not yet of legal age?

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@gailcalled OMG You caught me out!!!! im glad i didn’t have to say that. i didn’t want to hurt your feelings

@Kelly27 i have connections that you really don’t need to know about. for all i know you could be a porn creeper trying to find me, and rape me!!.

you guys are real mature, getting bitchy at a 17 year old

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Hopefully, herpes is in someone’s future.

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@NicoleMaeRose I am not getting bitchy at all, I just thought that if you were under 18 it is considered child porn and illegal

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Oh I’ve got a great idea…let’s feed into the (self proclaimed)17yo porn stars need for attention! Let’s offer advice, let her shut it down. Let’s blow some sunshine up her ass and feed her ego – good plan. @NicoleMaeRose, given your interesting profile; I think you’re already so successful there’s nothing any of us could help you with. Here’s to your continued success. Cheers.

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[mod says:] Flame off people. Personal attacks are against guidelines ahem and will be removed. Answer the title q and then move on to another one. Thanks.

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Fine, I’ll answer.

In your case, no. Not ever.

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@asmonet are you gonna come find me and give them to me?

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I’m sorry, we’re the retared ones?

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And Herpes doesn’t clear up darling, if your job is to have sex, you should be far more educated on the subject.

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yes. we’re retared!

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ummmm you must be reatred cause you can get cream that will take them away but you will still get your break outs!!! hun you should know this

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I must be retared, because I can’t stop laughing! :)

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Comedic gold! You still haven’t spelled it correctly!

bythebay's avatar

hun? From Baltimore @NicoleMaeRose

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And it’s called Valtrex, it’s a pill. The kind that goes in your mouth.
Not a cream, unless you think Vagistat cures Herpes.

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Aw, I’m so proud. Our little troll up and learned to spell, all on her own. At the tender ripe age of seventeen.

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and man you really know your stuff im impressed so how mant pills do you have to take a day ? like are your break outs that bad

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Once upon many times, I’ve cracked open a book, that’s how I know.

I suggest you follow my lead.

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how mant pills? just how mant?

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The only anagram left is retread.

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I love this place….

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Don’t we all?

Well, excluding the obvious ones.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 – me too!

@gailcalled: I love you, even if I am retared!

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I just stopped by looking for some humor and I’ve definitely found it here in this thread. This is some damn funny back and forth. =)

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Once again, validation that the Fluther Convention should not be held at a bar.

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You guys are killing me over here! Every time I laugh, it starts another coughing fit. I hate having a cold.

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Lol, I’m a woman.

And you’re deficient.

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And I ask you. Is life fair? I got modded for quoting Nicole’s language in her profile. I guess, if I am being honest, that has nothing to do with her love handle issues,

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[mod says:] @NicoleMaeRose – I am going to refer you back to my comment here Also, please go read our site guidelines even if you have read them before.

@everyone – Please keep your quips on topic. Further off topic quips will be removed.

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sexiness is for others to judge.
your job is to maintain your health and choose great clothes.

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Wow, that was funny. I agree with everything @bythebay and @asmonet said. Awesome.

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You’re very slim for your height. Where are your love handles – in your mind? :)

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may I contribute…“ratreed?” Lurve handles are far sexier.

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Mant other possibilties…Drat deer, Red trade, Reed dart

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@everyone: You guys make me lol everytime. Sometimes I wonder how certain people find fluther and actually think it a good idea to ask things like this.

@original question: Confidence is sexy. Love handles or not, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, if you don’t believe that you’re sexy or attractive, chances are, it will be difficult for others to do so.

Asking for validation about one’s beauty on the internet is probably not the best way to go about gaining whatever self confidence one lacks, however.

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Wow…. where was I when this bomb of a thread dropped? roflcopter


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@squirbel – generally, textspeak makes me barf, but your post was really funny.

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