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Is Twitter any good? Should I em.. Tweet? What do you think about twitter?

Asked by anoop66 (899points) April 15th, 2009

I heard about the twitter hype yesterday, made an account this morning and closed it by evening. I just felt, that it was kinda dumb

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I first got a twitter account last year when announced that they will be making live announcements of apple events through twitter, being able to receive them through texts on the go. Otherwise, I never used the service, last week I signed in and looked around, then just left, I got on to add my highschools twitter. Then this week I really took a good look at twitter, I was comparing it to my current facebooking, its different, just add some people to follow, post, even though no ones following, it gets kinda fun.

Try it out!

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I thought it’d be cool to look into celeb’s thoughts, but i realized they are too personal and seem cryptic for gool, lol :P)_

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I get the concept. I just don’t know some of the conventions used. WTF is a re-tweet? I find it as a worthless thing. But some people seem to love it. I doubt I will ever use it.

This is just sad.

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i think its just a trend, it’ll pass on

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@johnpowell shut up! i follow Shaq, he’s twitterific

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I don’t use it and it seems dumb to me. I’ve read some twitter news posts from politicians and journalists – they are dumber than dumb.

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@johnpowell a retweet is when someone “tweets” something, and the reader likes it, and they want to tweet it to all his followers, he pretty much just tweets the same thing, some people call it retweets. The most common way to recognize them is that people usually put RT then the @username of the person they copied it from.

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I’ve been on Twitter for a short time. I found the daughter of a friend in England that I’m keeping in touch with now. And I just found Fluther tweets.

I mainly follow humorous twitters that don’t update constantly. I wouldn’t get tweets on my phone because I don’t want the bother of excess text messages.

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Exponential increase in the computer’s already prodigious time-wasting potential. I fully believe that when the history of our present age is written, the computer will be seen as its greatest evil.

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Haha @phoenyx when I first saw that video I sent it to all my friends who “Tweet”.

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I didn’t get it for a long time either but recently a bunch of my friends got on there and it got more interesting. You still get the people that just post what they had for lunch and when they are going home from work and that they had Mondays, which is definitely pointless.

Some of the most interesting things are the trending topics and all of the applications that feed off of Twitter data. For instance for almost any live event like a concert or ball game, you can see people tweeting about it in real time by using search terms. During natural disasters you can see things develop in real time. There were recently tornadoes in Tennessee where a bunch of my friends live, and I saw them all tweeting about it, saying where tornadoes were touching down, warning each other about where they were headed, etc. all in real time.

I also follow a bunch of web sites that twitter, and for that it has become kind of like an RSS feed, just a shorter one. They simply post updates when they post things but also interact with people a lot more, asking their comments on story ideas, etc. It’s immediate feedback for them and pretty interesting.

The celebrities are also interesting at times. It’s an unfiltered look into their lives and cuts through all of the BS of the gossip magazines. After a while it makes the media look really stupid. For instance Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher posted a link to YouTube of that Susan Boyles singer on Britain’s Got Talent and said it was good and brought a tear to their eye and left it at that. Then I noticed yesterday on CNN that there was actually a whole article about “Hollywood A-listers Support Susan Boyles” or something like that. Just based on that little tweet. Just made them look really silly and desperate to name-drop some Hollywood names.

I’ve also seen it used for real-time meet-ups with friends. For example “Hey I’m at Bar X, anyone want to join?”. It’s kind of like an easy way to contact all of your friends at the same time.

It just depends on how it’s used, just like every web site. If none of your friends are on or if they are and they just post what they ate for breakfast and what they are watching on TV that night, then yeah it is pretty boring. But the same thing can be said for this site or Facebook or MySpace, etc.

I don’t think it’s a fad, it’ll be around for quite a while. It isn’t even close to becoming mainstream yet and still has a long ways to grow.

@johnpowell A re-tweet is basically just like forwarding an email to your friends and is frequently just as worthless.

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I doubt I will ever use Twitter. However, if a federated, distributed, openstandard, twitter-like system became popular I would use it.

(I’m keeping tabs on OpenMicroBlogging and Laconica right now.)

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mayb i’d ‘tweet’ if my friends were on it. sigh, no one is. Maybe if we flutherites migrate to there…

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@phoenyx You could always help grow so it get’s closer to being popular. :)

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I made an account, if you can slog through a few days and follow people you like, it gets fun.

I only got into it because a lot of Fluther Twitters. If you search Fluther for “twitter” and “tweet” you’ll find plenty of threads in which people have offered up their usernames. Follow us, we’re kind of awesome. :)

I’m asmonet over there as well, if anyone is interested.

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Twitter is just a tool, a platform. It’s only as good as what you use it for. I use it to keep touch with my real-life friends, but also to get local news and info from people in my area. I also use it to meet new persons sharing my interests and discuss certain topics with random people.
You can find tons of information about almost any subject on Twitter. That’s why more and more people use Twitter’s search rather than Google’s search to get opinion and real-time information.

By the way, I’m @brome on Twitter, if anyone wants to follow me.

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I still can’t get the hang of it…

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I don’t really find it as a status server, more of an update of what you just want to say, but don’t know how to put it, you just…say it.

Its not really meant for family, but the general public.

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it’s kind of addicting. i just discovered that i could have other peoples’ tweets tweeted to my phone. so now it’s basically like adam green is texting me. which is…awesome!
but yeah i don’t know, i don’t check it too often so i miss a lot of @s to me. and it sure makes me nervous when it’s counting down the characters i have left. it’s like a bomb. 3, 2, 1, NO MORE LETTERS. and then it starts going into negative numbers. nerve-wracking!
but anywho. when i am bored i usually decide to ‘tweet’ for the hell of it.

i feel awkward saying ‘he/she tweeted’ though. it sounds dirty. i have to suppress the 10 year old boy in the back of my mind.

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I got an account once, but i felt so guilty i deleted it after something like an hour because for some stupid reason i felt plagued with decadence… (?) =)

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I don’t get the twitter thing.
Half the time the stuff posted on there is complete gibberish.
I was following Steven Fry for a while – and he’s quite funny but eventually I thought to myself, I have enough random, pointless, dippy thoughts without filling my head with someone elses! lol
SO I stopped tweeting, twittering or whatever it’s called and picked up a Beano Comic instead

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