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Is there a way to delete more than one favorite at a time on Internet Explorer?

Asked by mangeons (12127points) April 15th, 2009

Because I have a ton of crap in my favorites that I don’t want, but it’s only letting me scroll down and delete one at a time, closes the list, and then I have to open it and delete another. I really don’t feel like doing that. Is there a way to delete multiple at once, but not all of them at once?

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Click on Favorites, and then click on Organize Favorites.

And then head to and download firefox.

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But I still can’t delete more than one at a time, I’m talking about being able to highlight multiple, and then clicking “Delete All” or something like that, which you can do with pictures.

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Ah, not possible inside Internet Explorer itself. I would suggest finding the favorites file, opening it in another browser, such as firefox, and then highlighting multiple with its favorites manager.

Favorites files are essentially the same from browser to browser – they are just an html file.

I’ll post in a second with the supposed location of your favorites file, if you tell me what operating system you have, and the version of your internet explorer.

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Do a search for “Favorites” and double click on the star. It’s actually a file folder. You could mass delete there.

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You should probably delete Internet Explorer all together and download FireFox. That is my recommendation.

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@drClaw GA. Firefox for the win.

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I want Firefox, but my dad, the “computer wiz” thinks everything that HE knows is best and won’t let us switch, because any other way than his way is the wrong way.

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Oh, I found it, by using the “Run” button.. thanks all! :)

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Thanks @The_Compassionate_Heretic I found the folder and now my Favorites are completely organized, and I deleted a LOT. Thanks again all! :)

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Tell your dad to stop being stupid. Besides, you can have both browsers installed. Let him continue to use IE while you use a decent browser.

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Don’t call my dad stupid! >:(

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