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Do you know any creative ways to present a school project?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) April 15th, 2009

I need to present a school project, and i don’t have powerpoint on my laptop, i don’t have anything to make a poster. Is there any thing online?

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Maybe you could start by telling us what you do have, rather than what you don’t have, and what kind of project. Personally, I would cut some figures out of cloth, or a magazine or the Sunday Comics, and attach them to some strings that could be hung from a hanger.

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What class/subject, Elizabeth? And when’s it due?

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If you have a Google account you can make a simple slideshow presentation in Docs.

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You can try OpenOffice or StarOffice maybe.

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It’s about medical marijuana
benefits, studies, pros, cons, states that have it, the diseases and such.

I just need away to get all of the info across. It’s for senior civics ( a politics type of class)
I just found out i don’t have powerpoint on my computer and i was banking on doing it tonight figuring it wouldn’t take long because it was a powerpoint. it’s due tomorrow!

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Ouch! I was going to suggest doing it like a science project on a trifold board. You might still be able to go to Walmart if they’re nearby and get one of those trifold displays. Otherwise, you might want to take Pete’s suggestion and use

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Cut out a big old leaf ‘o weed (using construction paper, either white and color it green or use green and add some vein-like features). On one part label pros and present them, bulleted. Do the same for cons, etc.

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@gimmedat thats a good idea! i just might do that.

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Thanks, I’m a teacher, and a darned creative one at that.

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I was going to suggest make a digital video with special effects, but that wouldn’t work if it’s due tomorrow. One of my daughter’s friends had to do a presentation on the Underground Railroad, and he directed a video with my daughter cast as Harriet Tubman.

I think you need to go with @gimmedat ‘s idea.

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record it on your phone/webcam/whatever

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get openoffice from net, its freee. Make a cool ppt, use lots of visuals on it. Try to put a 1–2 minute video too. makes it interestin

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