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Is there any online refresh course for photoshop/illustrator?

Asked by Roughdraft76 (219points) April 15th, 2009 from iPhone

I went to school for web/multimedia/graphic design a few years ago, and I am not up to date. I want to start designing again but feel a little out of the loop. Any suggestions?

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Um, I’ll try to answer your question indirectly as I’m not sure of any specific “course.”

You should try giving yourself some projects in each program.

For instance in Illustrator, you could try taking a photograph draw it out in vector.

In Photoshop it depends on what sort of things you want to use it for, you can do a lot of stuff with plain images (photo-manip) but you try laying out a website using slices and whatnot.

I don’t know, I find the best way to get back into anything after a hiatus is to just do it.

Dog's avatar Awesome video based learning site but has a monthly fee.

Layers magazine- I am on iPhone so I cannot post a link.

Adobe site has tutorials

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Thanks for the help you guys. I appreciate you.

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I second They are amazing! Also, see here

video tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials

Good luck!!

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