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Do you think the USA (people, government, land) will be overthrown or occupied militarily by another country within, say, the next hundred years?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 15th, 2009

I chose 100 years because that would be within our children’s lifetimes. do you think we have a chance of being taken over by another country?

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I’m hoping in 100 years we won’t have anything called countries to overthrow.

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yes im saying there is a good chance that we will be attacked but as many nukes we have i dont think were afaird to break a law to save our selves.. but ive been wrong many times. at around 400 years is the average span for a world power we are reaching it..

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Well if we keep the ideology that we have now that “we’re America so we can do what we want/invade wherever we choose/be as egotistical as we feel” we might find ourselves being invaded by everyone in 100 years.

(I’m not saying that’s how I think it should be, but sometimes I think America has this idea that because we’re a superpower and control so many things around the world that we aren’t subject to question or authority. This may come to bite us in the ass once all these countries that we’re invading now get tired of seeing our miltary)

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Nah, we’ll all be nanoclouds by then.

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Anything is possible. The world changes a lot in 100 years. Heck the USA has only existed for a little over 200 years.

It’s possible there might not even be a USA in that time. The USSR was once a dominant global power and that collapsed.

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100 years is a long time. If the US (or the planet for that matter) still exists then, it will be an insignificant little wasteland owned by the state of Montreal and used as a dumpster.

If someone had asked this question about Sparta in 500BC, or Macedonia in 300BC, or the East Roman Empire in 1400AD, they’d be laughed at. Yet all these ancient superpowers fell within a matter of years, and this is back when history was slow and battles took days. America could collapse within a matter of hours if things reach a critical point.

We are far from that scenario today, for the simple reason that there is nobody strong enough to attack the US single-handedly, but give the rest of the world enough reasons to unite against you and it’s only a matter of time.

And of course it only takes one madman on either side to start a war.

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No, I do not think that.

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It’s possible but I doubt it due to the manner in which the world works currently (commercial globalisation being a key factor). It being weakened would be far more likely.

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