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What do all these fancy applications do on my new MacBook?

Asked by christybird (813points) December 3rd, 2007

So I’m pretty computer-illiterate and just got my new very fancy MacBook in the mail today. I had been using an old version of OS X on my old G3 PowerBook, and there are so many new applications on this new computer that I am a bit overwhelmed. “Time Machine,” “Spaces,” “Automator,” “Expose” ... what do all these things do? Which of them are actually useful?

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For the best explanation, watch the guided tour:

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time machine automates backups and provides a simple mechanism for retrieving (restoring) backed up files.

spaces allows you to create several virtual monitors and slide the view of your actual screen amongst them.

automator provides a simplified interface for creating scripts to automate tasks, such as automatically numbering all files in a particular folder.

expose is barely an application; it’s a mechanism for selectively viewing and switching between open windows.

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