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How is it when love and hate are opposites that sometimes people cross the line from love into hate?

Asked by manoffaith3112 (262points) April 15th, 2009

Just wondering if love and hate are really so opposite since people cross the line from love into hate towards other’s.

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I don’t think that you can actually go from one to the other at the drop of a hat. They do have very similar qualities though such as they’re very strong emotions, they (when used right) are used rarely and have specific targets, and if they exist strong enough people find reasons to die for them… I’m thinking more in the perspective of people or ideas, not I love/hate pizza,homework,the rain.

By crossing the line do you mean like a love/hate relationship?

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The opposite of love or hate isn’t each other, but indifference. When you don’t care, there’s no energy given to anything, unlike love or hate.

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Love and Hate are both children of Passion. Not opposites. They are intimate and close to each other.

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I agree with the above responses. They’re not opposites. They’re the same action with different outcomes.

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That happens because when we let people get close to us, it’s easier for them to hurt us, even if its unintentional.

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Thanks for each answer so far. Its just that sometimes its such a thin line when emotions are flared so high with love or flared razor hot with hate.

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People can use their love and our reciprocal love for them to manipulate us into new behaviors. As we catch on and start to question or negotiate or rebel, the love changes.

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If you put enough pressure on two magnets with opposite polarities.. they can switch polarities.

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I think in many cases you have to truly love someone to be able to hate them.

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When you love someone so much, and they hurt you, it’s almost easier to “hate” them.

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Exactly @casheroo. You just psychoanalyzed me!
That is how I am feeling at this very moment.

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I agree with casheroo, too. Given enough pain over time love may die to be replaced with serious hate.

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I just realized something else. The way you put it @manoffaith3112, maybe that’s why he broke up with me…

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I would love to hate my ex girlfriend. I just can’t.
I would prefer indifference much more though, it would mean I’d be free, again.

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It’s that “thin line” between love and hate. Both are powerful and passionate feelings, and both are from the heart. I think one crosses the line to the other with deep hurt or betrayal of that very deep place where love lives.

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