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Is there a case against you when you sign a employment contract that demands 50 bucks per day if you resign prematurely?

Asked by kaledia (30points) April 15th, 2009

My buddy got sued and being summoned in court by her ex-company. Her contract last for a year, in that so-called “bond period” if she resign prematurely, she needs to compensate $50 from the day she leaves up till end of contract. Yet within the contract, the company doesn’t state any sponsorship for any benefits or any bonus given. She got a lawyer and he claims that the contract has no fair amount of “consideration” and sounds like a slavery bond.

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Why would you ever sign something like that? I’m no expert, and all my legal experience comes from being on the Mock Trial team in high school, but… I think if she signed it, she might be screwed.

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It will depend on the state laws. In Illinois this would not be enforceable.

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If the judge finds that your buddy is mentally competent to enter into contracts, that there was a meeting of the minds on the contract (and her signature on a paper contract is usually sufficient for that), and the contract doesn’t violate any state laws, she’s on the hook.

But why are you asking Fluther about this when she already has a lawyer who’s presumably licensed in the state the contract took effect in who’s offered an opinion?

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Well, because it’s a whole group of them who left prematurely due to the management way of handling clients. Some of them can’t afford to hire a lawyer and gave in to their demands, and the compensation fee is as high as 10k! Some of them did seek the labour department for assistance but none of them seem to help because they claimed that they don’t interfere with the matters of private companies.

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