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I am a boy and i wake up and my hair is CRAZY! How do i get it to SIT DOWN?

Asked by BlahBlahBlah1010 (27points) April 16th, 2009

iv’e tried detangling spray or whatever but now i just have to wear a hat in the morning!

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What is your hair’s texture? Curly? Wavy? Straight?

Try not to wash it at night, late in the afternoon at the latest so your hair isn’t damp when you go to sleep. If you go to sleep with moisture in your hair it can set the shape of it overnight. that’s probably the problem in your case.

Most chick’s figure this out at some point as a teenager, guys don’t have to worry as much so they tend not to notice. :P

A different haircut might help if that doesn’t.

Or, you could learn to love it. I’m a chick and I kind of dig crazy boy hair. :)

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Shave it all off.

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Take a shower.

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Get it wet and brush it. or shower.

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@NaturalMineralWater i agree with you. shave it all off.

i have semi-bald hair. so never have the problem :P

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Girl Speaking.


Do not get rid of your hair.

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Second girl opinion- never shave your head because you can’t deal with your hair, trust me if that solved my problems I’d have done it years ago.

I would say just take a quick shower then use some product. Even if it’s an in and out sort of deal your hair might catch on to this wonderful thing we call gravity, and the weight from the product will help.

(ps- I love that you want your hair to “SIT DOWN”)

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@sevenfourteen – It would be even better if he could also get his hair to STAY.

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@Blah, etc. – Have you considered a different hair style? As a male you have a lot more flexibility that most females do in Western culture. You can also go someplace like Sally’s and ask about hair products that make hair behave, even nappy hair like my son has.

And as others say, a shower in the morning instead of at night will help your hair learn your rules.

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Definitely do not shower at night before you go to bed. Then your hair will be extremely crazy in the morning. You should take your showers in the mornings, then put product in your hair to ensure it will stay the way you would like. As a girl speaking, DO NOT shave your hair just because it won’t do what you want. And as someone else said, most girls go crazy for guys with bed heads/sex hair (:

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Either take your shower in the morning or just wet it down in the sink.

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@Darwin, @sevenfourteen Sit? Stay? When I’m walking through the thick woods, my long hair likes to fetch!

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@Yetanotheruser – Mine prefers to defy gravity

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