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Naturalized US citizens or friends thereof: How much time before your Oath Ceremony did the notice with the date (N-445) arrive?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) April 16th, 2009

I had to postpone my first naturalization oath ceremony because I was out of the country. I have scheduled a trip back to the US for two weeks specifically because I was told that my ceremony would be on the last Friday of April, but I haven’t received any notice of the ceremony date yet. Help, I’m rather worried.

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How were you informed of the april date?
I had pretty much the same experiance, (out of country, postponed, went in) and I do remember there being alarmingly little mail and information on the subject.

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They told me that the ceremonies are at the end of each month, on the last Firday. Then I was sent a letter for the 12th of December a while back. (I think December was different because of Christmas and New Years). Anyway, I sent the notice back saying that I was out of the country until the middle of April, and that I could make it to the ceremony after that. However, I am actually only going to be back for two weeks (still not sure how I’ll be leaving the country again without my US passport, if it doesn’t make it in time, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it).

So, if they weren’t lying to me when they said that it should be on the last Friday of the month, it should be a week from today. But my friend who’s getting my mail hasn’t received anything yet. So, I’m getting worried that I’ll be going there for nothing. Do you remember how long before the date they sent your notice?

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