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Are they TRYING to ruin "American Idol" or what?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) April 16th, 2009

They ran out of time last week, they have only 2 judges per contestant Tuesday, they added Kara Dioguardi for what I don’t know, they use that stupid judge’s “save” yesterday on someone who will NEVER win the competition (and probably be voted off next week)...What’s going on???

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It already sucks. Vote for the Worst, baby!
It isn’t a talent competition. They only want the people who will gain the show ratings. So they do what they have to do to make the show “interesting”. It is all a big joke.

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I have never watched this show, and I am amazed anyone does.

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We always watch it. It’s good, pointless fun (which I get little of, generally).
I will say, I have never purchased a single song from any of the “winners”.
It’s kind of like the Gong Show meets American Bandstand.

I agree that it was silly to only have two judges respond. After all these seasons, they can’t plan better? I’d like to see Paula go (she’s sweet but her comments are pointless) and have Kara stay (she’s more constructive in her comments).

I also agree they used the new SAVE thing too early and on the wrong guy.

I’m gonna predict Kris as the winner, but I’d prefer to see Adam win.

Also: Who knew Quentin Tarantino was fan?!?

OK, I’m lowering my geek flag now

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Naw, Adam will take it. He’s so far out of everyone else’s league. I think Kara is like a second Paula. The only time she says anything of value is when she repeats whatever Randy said (which she does a lot). I hear Adam is up for the “Spiderman – The Musical” role.

Did you see how Anook didn’t do ANYTHING Tarantino told him to?

My daughter purchases EVERY song from EVERY winner. I wonder what ever happened to the guy from last season who did the “beat box” thing. I couldn’t stand him.

I find “Dancing With the Stars” more entertaining.

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Yeah, my daughter (6) watches with us. She loves it. She hasn’t asked to download any of the songs…yet.

Now, for dancing, I love So You Think You Can Dance (although the name is too long).

geek flag back up

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Also: Have you seen any of Kara DioGuardi’s videos on YouTube.

Her acoustic “demos” are pretty damn good and I liked the stuff she did with Dave Stewart (from the Eurythmics) as “Platinum Weird” was good.

Too bad she mostly writes music for the Disney pop-ettes now.

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Ratings were down last year, so I guess they tried new things this season and failed.

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How do you ruin crap?

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I wasn’t aware that there was anything appealing anymore about the American Idol show. On second thought, was there ever anything good about it?

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Who’d they save last night? I changed the channel because of Miley Cyrus

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American Idol is now officially dominated by tween girls who literally have nothing better to do than sit and stare at pictures of their untalented “future husbands” and vote three hundred times in one night so that they have something to stare at every week.

Other than that, most people with any real talent aren’t dumb enough to ruin any future career they might have by going on that show.

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@electricsky Jennifer Hudson is doing pretty well.

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American Idol was born broken.

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@electricsky: Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Carrie Underwood, etc… I’m sure they don’t think being on that show was “dumb”.

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