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How bad does a foot tattoo hurt?

Asked by sjmc1989 (5489points) April 16th, 2009

Tomorrow I’m getting my first tattoo and I really want it on the side of my foot. Everyone keeps telling me how bad it hurts. Of course Im nervous so I just want to know from those of you that have a foot tattoo Was it really that bad?? And was there any other problem you faced having this particular tattoo??

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It wasn’t that bad. Mine’s small though. It vibrated my foot a lot, which is a weird feeling..but normal for tattoos.

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Mine didn’t hurt at all, in fact it…tickled. My tattoo artist had to pin my foot between his knees to complete that portion of the piece because I was giggling so hard. The only thing about foot tattoos is that because the skin is exposed to so much friction from shoe wear, it tends to look dull so just keep it well oiled. :)

Good luck!!!

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Really? My foot tattoo hurt. I’d say it was my 3rd (out of 8) most painful tattoo. It’s a weird pain—sharp and vibraty.

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I’m not sure about foot tattoos, but a lot of the pain associated with tattoos is psychological. The buzzing of the tattoo machine sounds scarier than it is. Of course, a tattoo on any part of the body where you don’t have a lot of flesh between the skin and the bone is going to be painful. The tattoo on the back of my hand hurt like the dickens. The best way to avoid a painful tattoo is to know your artist well. A good artist has a light touch, doesn’t dig deeper than he/she has to, and will give you a break now and again when the sting gets to be too much.

A tattoo artist that keeps going and calls you a ‘wussy’ for wanting to take a break is NOT anyone I want tattooing me. A person like that is a sadist. Do you really want the Marque de Sade giving you a tattoo?

The tattoo on the back of my head didn’t really hurt, but I could feel the vibration all the way down my spine and into my toes. It was pretty neat, actually.

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@tinyfaery, yeah it felt akin to the feeling one has when getting their head buzzed with clippers, that weird buzzy feeling that creeps into the length of your spine. But, my pain tolerance is a little whack so that could just be me!
he did say that I scared him a little because of that…

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I have quite a few tattoos and that one hurt the worst.

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Yeah I got my tattoo I did not get it on my foot all my friends completely freaked me out before I went So I got it on the side of my hip and just by him going over my hip bone the little he did and how awful it felt I dont think getting the foot done would have been good for me to do for my first one. Yeah I have a low pain tolerance. Thank you for all of your responses though!

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Well, it certainly doesnt tickle!

The hip bone is connected to thigh bone… the thigh bone is connected to the foot bone etc… I felt the vibrations all the way up in my hips! Which made me nauseus.

I have no fat on my feet though, its just skin and bones and the tattoo artist was a bit of a sadist and i think he enjoyed to see me squirm.

Every other tattoo i have laughed hysterically while getting.

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What’s with you people and tattoos?!! As if the human body isn’t varied enough!!

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That wasn’t the question.

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Well, excuuuuse me @tinyfaery.

“A lot.”


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Only if you really know it hurts a lot.

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i have quite a few tattoos and none of them really hurt, that is until i had the top of my right foot tattooed, omg, that really hurt. but i would do it again because it’s worth it…

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