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What are a few good sites to buy Christmas gifts for my mom?

Asked by chad (694points) December 3rd, 2007

I have an American Express gift card for $50 that I’ve been holding off on using, for a Christmas gift for my mom for the past year. However, now I can’t really find anything that is useful / neat / or anything like that. Please help!

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I did a bunch of shopping at

It is mostly neat homemade stuff.

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Harry and David always has great products and it’s alot safer than rolling the dice on clothes or any other gift. Everybody loves great food.

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Ask your mom :-) Harry and David is great; but there is shipping and handling and perhaps you live near a sustainable source of delectable comestibles.

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What’s your Mom’s age range, and what are her interests? I’ve got a lot of sites to suggest.

I just got this as a fun stocking stuffer for mine:

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Everyone I know is getting reusable bags for Christmas, including my mom! They are hip and eco-friendly; there are a bunch here: Also, I’m recommending Heifer International ( to friends who don’t know what to get for folks. Give a goat, bees, or llamas to folks in need! What mom could resist that?

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We gave half a llama in honor of my mother one year since llamas are costly. She was allowed ( within the family confines) to choose which half of the animal would be her gift. We all also use cloth bags for everything. Just buy dark colours; we started out w. white or neutral and they got dirty quickly.

@blueberry; great ideas

curtaincall's avatar is one of my faves for gifts you can put in age range and life style then they come up with a customized list of gifts that would be suitable. My wife got me a customs made shirt. They have cool ideas.

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