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How do you reconcile personal accountability and collective responsibility?

Asked by Crusader (576points) April 17th, 2009

Do any of you percieve an epoch when
mult-racial environments will have harmony
any justice without this? Why or why not?

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In individuals insanity is extremely rare,
However, in parties, governments, and epochs
It is the rule.

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Differences of all kinds breed mistrust and conflict; race just happens to be an easily visible difference. Maybe this is a relic from our prehistoric tribal past, when the clan was all that mattered, so “difference” equaled “enemy”. But we can do better than that now.

One way to respond to this xenophobia would be to partition everyone off into homogeneous groups so differences would never become an issue. That’s an idea that would appeal to only those few insane people you refer to, though.

The alternative is to thoroughly get to know those whom we perceive as different, see how superficial those differences are. That means living together, working together, talking together. Will there be conflict? Sure. It will take time.

Governments have a role to play in this. In some cases that role is to make sure that we don’t give in to our tendencies to avoid people who aren’t “like us” by making sure that our schools, workplaces, and other institutions reflect the diversity of our population. That will become less and less necessary as our society matures.

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Thank you for both the thoughtful post and appreciation of the question, Harp. Yes, it is true that differences of various
kinds (can potentially,) breed mistrust and conflict, and that race is an easy identifier. Clannish mentalities have been a stumbling block for groups as well.
However, how do you explain that phenomeno of
same race clannishness? It is the case everywhere throughout history. Often only the physical/economic threat from a common adversary, (of a differnet race, and/or religion,) was of sufficient impetus to unify disparate members of the Same Race.
This may be xenophobia, or it may be the recognition of
a historical precedent of conflict and unwillingness or inability to be accountable, (See Sigmund Freud, Super Ego, the countervailing force of the ID that prevents us from murdering, raping, and stealing wholesale, call it a ‘conscience.’) coupled with an active government sponsored double standard. I for one, was born After the 1967 Affirmative Action laws, should I be held accountable collectively along with every other straight white independent
and family focused man in America? Are the sins of the
father/grandfather/g.grandfather…to be visited upon the sons?
Or is it an Artificial Construct designed to empower the few
proportionately Far Less individually accountable, Despite
five generations and 50 years of increased scholastic and financial opportunities Regardless of ability, or, at the least, considerably reducing the mandate for knowledge and
offering similar access to higher education, (often segregated-see Michelle Obama all-black school, or many Latino Catholic schools,) and consequently more prestigious, lucrative employment subsequently-all at the expense of straight, white
males. White asians have their own collective, and, opportunities sponsored by liberal governments to provide
scholarships, even Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. They are white, but not of European heritage…The only organization in
the USA that provides scholarships to straight white men
based exclusively on race/gender first, then competancy,(like Every Other Group in America is welcome to from Government tax payer proceeds, including queer white men,) is
you guessed it…the KKK. And who wants to be associated with
them? Besides the violent allowances, one will be effectively
ostracized in todays society, because, though black and latino
and occassionally Asian groups all have Race Power exclusivity,
this is Culture as the Powers that Be define it in American today. The main difference? White women see financial advantage
in supporting Democrats, and will conceal this fact with
rhetorical ‘guilt’ espoused by todays propagando. Fear, too, is a viable concern for white women, as blacks and latinos in
particular, are indoctrinated by family, media, and schools to
be aggresive in pursuit of their desires. Trampling of the dignity and honor of a white woman is a small price to pay
for the satisfaction of ingratiating themselves into a
white well-heeled family, and further undermining white men.
Their are certainly instances of true love of white women
to other races, but the forced bussing and rap(e) music/media
lack of media attention on the Vast disparity of violence
perpetrated to white women, (and men,) based exclusively on
race vs. the comparitively small number of violent attacks
perpetrated on other races by whites by comparison, despite
their being somewhat more whites, (mostly over 65)
Yes, I believe in what you say in theory, living, working,
talking together, but in academia, (universities) the
(black/latino/sometimes asian) overt, and subtlely encouraged
racism to white, (men usually,) by hypocrite self-serving ‘educators’ and student ‘groups’ is dramatic. Attractive young white girls
are solicited by every group, however..I truely admire
the white girl who decides on a white boyfriend, because
he represents what she desires, not simply acquiesing
to media indoctrination, government racist wealth distribution,
(from middle-class and lower class whites, not the elistist
hypocrite traitors who would undermine Anyone to secure more MOney for themselves..)and the palpable consternation of
black, latino, and occassionally asian individuals/groups
that would accuse them of racism and prejudice if the
white girl refused to F…k them…This is the Real
world on the streets of America. In Academia, having a black boyfriend and a black professor might just mean a better grade too…It truely is Us vs. them In Every Way Shape And Form.
This ‘Maturity’ you refer to is an exercize in rewarding
mediocrity, alienating economically, socially, and politically
the demographic responsible for Americas pre-eminence in the
world, however achieved, in honorable fashion at times,
in mercurial, opportunistic fashion in others. Evidently,
in the USA money is stronger than loyalty. And lets not forget the high rate of fetus annihilation in the white demographic,
not surprising, what with the constant ‘white guilt’ propaganda
threatening communities, lack of employment prospects and/or protection from tyrannical employers, coupled with actual
Encouragement to do so by liberal media. This is the
True Genocide. 70 million whites and counting since 1967
compared with just 7 million terminations from all other
races Combined. Why not, as MLK said, ‘breed, they have to feed you,’ especially considering you can rise above
your white counterparts and just a few generations, Regardless
of your Personal Or Collective Accountability, after all
its all the fault of those Evil White Men, yes?

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@Crusader : Use breaks, please. Otherwise I will need new glasses

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Don’t do it Gail…Step away…

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Accountability, Love, and Truth
Is that so much to ask for?

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@Crusader: Good summation. Good goals for us all. Thanks for keeping the recap short.

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