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Have you ever had a DNA test for genealogical purposes, to find out what nationalities your ancestors were?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 17th, 2009

these tests are more affordable and as a result, are becoming popular with people who want to find out more about their family’s origins. have you ever had one or do you know someone who has had one? which test (there are several, they test maternal lines and paternal lines)?

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Personally, I honor my anscestors spirit first,
ethnicity second, consequently, discovering such
heritage unequivically is of secondary importance.
That stipulated, I have been acquainted with
one or two individuals that have done so. I believe
it is the maternal lines that are revealed more completely.

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I’ve never had much interest in my ancestry. I’m me, and that’s that. I don’t feel that knowing what part of Ireland my great-great-great grandparents came from would do anything for me.

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I’d be curious, but I couldn’t really justify spending money on something that would essentially just be a curiosity.

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I thought about it, but after reading up on them, I found out that most are pitifully inaccurate. Maybe I’ll think about doing it in 20 years or so.

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My cousin had his done ( the cheapest test) to determine lineage.
Unfortunately he is still waiting for others to come forward?

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