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Does anyone else have 'extremely' dry skin? Especially the arms, legs, and feet.

Asked by lollipop (734points) April 17th, 2009

I have used St.Ives extra dry for face and hands for years now and do like it for my face as it doesn’t leave it ‘greasy’ and soaks in well.

Would like to know what others use that have this problem. My skin on my legs and feet are so dry they look like they are constantly peeling or even cracking at times, even after using a lotion. What is something good to use for sensitive skin and not make me feel ‘sticky, slippery, greasy’ etc.? Has to be for after showers as we don’t have a bath tub to ‘soak’ in, I do use Oil of Olay body soap and that works nice but not lasting.

I almost feel like I need a ‘whole body’ exfoliate, lol

I will welcome any of your secrets, suggestions, ideas. Hopefully something that is ‘reasonably priced’! Thank you

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My kids get really dry skin in winter, especially my youngest. I use Cetaphil instead of soap, which the doctor suggested. It doesn’t dry out the skin like soap.

Also, don’t use water that’s too hot, which can also dry out your skin.

As for after the shower, most lotions and creams have alcohol and scents that can make your skin worse instead of better. Most of the things I can think of that work really well wouldn’t meet your criteria of not being sticky, slippery, or greasy. The doctor also told me that the easier it is to rub a lotion into the skin, the less effective that lotion is. Aquaphor Ointment works fantastic but is very greasy. Aveeno makes a cream that I’ve used on the kids with great results. It wasn’t nearly as greasy or slippery as the Aquaphor.

The best I’ve used, by far, is Acid Mantle. It’s kind of expensive, but very, very effective. I think you’d also find it to not be sticky, greasy, or slippery. If nothing else works, try it and you’ll probably find it worth the price. I had a 16 ounce jar of it, and it lasted all winter. I only used it on one kid, every other day after his bath. Good luck!

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Generally no, but I got dry skin when I lived in Poland. I think it was the water. Having a shower made me itchy and my skin would peel off. Whenever I travelled to a place with different water, things would get better. Now I know why all these Hollywood starlets bathe in Evian and camel’s milk and stuff.

Seems Nivea works pretty well as far as moisturising goes (or any other moisturiser, I’m a man so I don’t really know all the brands).

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I use Eucerin Cream. It is expensive but it works very well. It is a very thick cream.

The information that @MissAusten gave is correct.

My doctor told me that regular lotions don’t help dry skin. Really what they do is end up making it dryer. It is like licking chapped lips. It feels good and moisturizes at first but then drys it out worse. So for people with real dry skin they should only use oils or creams (not lotions).

If you do want a whole body exfoliate you can use classic sugar. It exfoliates well. You can also buy apricot scrub and use that. You could also just use a loofa.

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Extra virgin coconut oil. I slather it on. Very good for skin!

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I use Eucerin. Don’t buy the one in the pump or the tube, get the tub of it. It’s thicker and works better. Put it on after you take a shower. Don’t use hot water, just warm. It takes a little while longer to put it on since it is a thicker creme, you really need to take your time and rub it in. I only do this once or twice a week right before bed. It isn’t something I use during the day. During the day I use Vaseline clinical strength lotion (not the cheaper vaseline lotion) and that is lighter and works very well.

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You might want to try taking slightly cooler showers. :)
It works well.

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I have super dry skin on the backs of my hands (excema). It gets so bad that it cracks and bleeds. When it’s that bad, I use a thicker cream (sometimes an Rx steroid cream) and wear cotton gloves underneath rubber gloves to wash dishes and clean because I can’t stand to wear gloves to bed. By the time I’m done with the chores, it’s mostly absorbed. On a daily basis, since I can’t have my hands greasy all the time, I use Lubriderm Advanced Therapy lotion (unscented, if I can get it). I apply it throughout the day. As for showers, I use Dove for Sensitive Skin (unscented)... just the regular bar, not a bodywash. In addition to taking cooler showers, try taking fewer showers. For a whole body exfoliant, mix 3 parts brown sugar to 1 part oil just before your shower. It won’t keep, so only make as much as you can use at one time.

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I now use a lavender/almond massage oil in place of lotion, which no longer does much. I also shower less and use soap for the three vital parts only. I wash my eyelashes with baby shampoo to eliminate germs that cause styes.

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My hands and feet are always dry and I’ve been using Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy for years. I use it on my feet too and every time I go for a pedicure they comment on how great my feet/heels look. I’ve tried Eucerin and Nivea and they don’t hold a candle to Camille Beckman. I now buy it by the huge tub. They have all types of products including the sugar scrub, foot care, face care, etc. I truly believe you will LOVE it. Here is the website:

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When I was just a couple of years out of college, ny skin, particularly on my face, got so dry that my face was all red and rashy. My doctor recommended using moisturizing soap (I’ve been using Dove soap ever since), and Vaseline intensive care ever since; takes care of the problem very well. I’ve tried Eucerin, but I didn’t like it because it’s too greasy.

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