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Americans seem to have an almost sexual obsession with guns. Why do you think that is?

Asked by ragingloli (46980points) April 17th, 2009
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Small penises?

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We’re a tad repressed. We also enjoy big trucks and explosions.

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This is my rifle, this is my gun
This is for fighting, this is for fun.

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guns are long and hard?

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Ragingloli, you’re here! :)

And to answer, probably just because we’ve always been pretty free with guns in this country and people are used to it. And all the answers above probably have something to do with it.

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I don’t think I know anybody who has an almost sexual obsession with guns.

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My theory is that fear and paranoia is responsible.
So many people think the government, criminals, lesbians, minorities, immigrants, aliens etc… are out to kill them or steal from them.

Guns give people a sense of power but that sense of power is not real. Maybe they have the power to take a few lives with their guns but what does that bring? It doesn’t bring happiness.

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Hmn, I don’t know. I come from families who’ve had guns in the houses for generations and no one ever killed another with them unless in an overseas war; they used an axe a few times on American soil. And sex? Well we use human bodies for that.

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Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac? Hmm… who said that?

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Why do you think that is?

Because we can….

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Well, is there anything as sexy as a pussy and a gun?

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@the_compassionate_heretic I wonder if it is really a good idea to allow people who think aliens are out to get them access to guns?

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This might sound very radical, so please don’t take it too seriously:

It’s a result of selective breeding.

Who was immigrating into the United States and who decided to stay? On average there were somewhat more risk takers with pioneering spirit eager to explore uncharted territory on the new continent. They were people willing to depend on themselves without the security of nearby police stations.

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@Lightlyseared I’m inclined to agree but they don’t ask that at the gun shop.

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i think the so called sexual obsession theory is something that has been spun by those who want to ridicule those who choose to own guns.There is nothing sexy about being forced to kill someone, never has been.

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Start, 2nd Amendment, end, 2nd Amendment…..nothing else need be said.

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