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What TV series should I watch now that I've watched every episode of Charmed?

Asked by jjosephs (115points) April 17th, 2009

I watched every episode of Charmed on DVD and now that I’m finished I’m not sure what my next tv series should be. I like fantasy, magic, sci-fi and action. I don’t like shows that try to be silly like Reaper though and no Star-Treks please.

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Have you watched the Firelfy series?

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I LOVED Charmed! Actually I started watching it during a difficult time in my life and it was huge help.

I agree with @syz : Firefly is good. But it is short so be forewarned.

We also have done Heroes, Lost (which we tried reluctantly and ended up loving), Monk, Torchwood, Dresden Files

All of those, except Monk, are sci-fi ish

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Battlestar Galactica is the best sci fi ever

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My favorite tv series is Friday Night Lights on NBC. Love that show and Tim Riggins too. lol

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Firefly was my first thought too, but it is very short – I think they only made about 13 episodes, and you’ll really wish there were more when you get to the end.

I’ve heard that The Wire is fabulous, and very easy to get hooked on – I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s next on my Netflix queue.

I also really enjoyed Tru Calling – it’s sort of fantasy-ish, and it’s really well-written. Unfortunately, it’s pretty short too – about a season and a half, I think…

And, of course, Buffy – @tinyfaery beat me to it!

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The Wire might be the best show ever made.

edit :: I love Dexter too.

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Lost….or Supernatural

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Totally agree with @filmfann about BSG—BEST SERIES EVAR. Firefly was also a good one.

You could try Sanctuary with Amanda Tapping (I was watching it for a while but fell behind, so not sure how it’s been doing.) There’s also Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles with Summer Glau (I love her ^_^). I think it’s a great series to follow, definately entertaining and hi-action.

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The Prisoner. It’s actually regarded as the best show ever. By many critics and myself.

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Thanks for all the great answers!

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I’m a huge Heroes fan. You can’t go wrong with that.

Also there was a fantastic little show that was only on for two seasons on Showtime called Dead Like Me about a girl that died and became a reaper, as in grim reaper. It was so smart and funny, not silly. I was so mad when they cancelled it that I cancelled Showtime!

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LOST! omg best show eveerr

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@knitfroggy I love Dead Like Me – I’d totally forgotten about that one!

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@sdeutsch They made a movie called Dead Like Me: Life After Death, that came out recently. It was a straight to DVD release. It had a lot of the original cast in it. I’ve not seen it yet, I’m hoping it shows up in the Redbox at some point.

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@knitfroggy Ooh – I’ll have to see if Netflix has it yet… Thanks for the tip!

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Weeds, or Breaking Bad. Im currently hooked on both!!!!!

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I you might like The Dresden Files.

Also, you can watch Firefly here.

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@phoenyx: lurve for the Hulu links!

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Gilligan’s Isle

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(sudden onset of explosive vomiting)

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Supernatural!!! The greatest show ever and if you liked Charmed you will love supernatural. Similar plots except supernatural is better haha

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@johnpowell YES! YES! YES!

Also Quantum Leap, Burn Notice and Heroes.

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I second all of @Shecky_Johnson‘s suggestions – especially Burn Notice! Fabulous series, and so many people don’t know about it…

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Lost. It’s the most intense, detail oriented and unique show I’ve ever seen. You definitely have to watch episodes in order and watch closely. There are a lot of subtle clues that go on in the background of a scene.

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I agree with many of the other answers…if you like Charmed you will most likely find Buffy and Supernatural enjoyable. I also highly recommend:
Twin Peaks (b/c I am obsessed with Twin Peaks)
Arrested Development (esp. seasons 1 and 2)
Chuck (candy for the mind) and
Not that the above four have anything to do with Charmed…they are just really good shows.

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