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Do you enjoy the changes instituded by the new, Iron Chef (America), or do you prefer the stylings of the original?

Asked by siilver (273points) April 17th, 2009

Is the classic the best, or the new hip version better? Why do you think its better? Is the original Asian styling better and true to the show or is the new, crazy twist on everything much better? Does the judging affect your thoughts on this?

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This guy might be the Asian Liberace

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I like the new version better because I can relate to the meals they are cooking.

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@SeventhSense what do you mean? lol

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lol u got it.

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oh god
I had to hear about the difference all the time, until my husband found the original Iron Chef on tv. My husband is a chef, and he loves both shows. I like both of the too, but I understand @Tangent_J because I actually know the things they’re cooking on the American versian. And it annoys me when they repeatedly say what sounds like “squeeze-on” which is someone’s name I think. I don’t know.

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I love the original. You gotta go for the dubbing!

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@casheroo one of the commentators names is Kenji Fukui what the guy is saying is Fukui-san (foo-coo-wee-sahn) but he says it so fast that it comes across sounding like that. its like when when Kevin is describing the items to Alton. In Japanese the last name is said first so in English the guy’s name would be Fukui Kenji. “San” is a title of respect added to a name, commonly one’s elders. Just thought i would put that little tid bit out there

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The original is WAY better because it’s so dramatic. The American version is just another cooking show, but the original it’s like you almost expect the losing chef to impale himself on a sword out of shame. That host is WAY over the top (I mean, the beginning where he takes a bite out of a pepper is HARDCORE). And those “celebrity” judges are so great, especially when they always seem to have that one demure Japanese woman who says something completely nonsensical and inconsequential and does that little giggle. The only reason I watch the show is for the camp value, it’s like they take this WAY too seriously.

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@siilver I’ve had it explained to me before, but it still sounds like he yells “squeeze on!” over and over lol

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Original is far superior to the new one. Masaharu Morimoto is the man.

i always loved how the mic looked like an egg. I wanted someone to just bite it one day lol. SQUEEZE ON!

egh i need to go watch the show now.

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