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What was the last thing you experienced for the first time?

Asked by Master (1358points) April 17th, 2009

When was it?

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Everyday is a new experience.

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This question

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I had a Neapolitan Klondike Bar today. That was a new experience.

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The new deep-fried JalapeƱo Rings at Del Taco.

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@AstroChuck How long have those been around? I’m missing out.

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Saw them for the first time tonight.
They come with a dipping sauce.

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Friends with benefits

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My improv coach doing a show tonight with his friend I had never seen them perform together before. That’s the cool thing about improv. You will never see whatever show you just saw ever again.

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Welcome to fluther, oh modestly named one @master.


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Ugh, the last all-new experience I had was medical. So let’s skip over that. How about—

Ah! I know. I had a completely one-of-a-kind dream three nights ago. I was just dreaming along in the usual sort of way, nothing exceptional, when for some reason the characters in my dream rebelled. They complained that I was not running my dream right, and they didn’t want to go any further with it. That’s right, the dream people revolted against the dream I was having and refused to continue with the dream.

In fact, they started bringing charges against me, and one of them had a big scroll with a record of things I’d said in the dream and started citing them as evidence of various accusations, but they’d distorted them and were quoting them all out of context.

So they—they dream characters—decided to bring me to trial for dream mismanagement. It was like the trial at the end of Alice in Wonderland. I was thinking at the time, I’m really looking forward to my turn to speak, because I get to tell them that they’re nothing but a silly pack of cards, and that when the dream ends they’ll all be gone and I’ll still be here. But the alarm woke me before I got to say my piece. I woke up laughing.

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@Jeruba You really should write a story about that dream… it’s hilarious!

I just learned how to panel an entire wall with tongue-and-groove planks. I cut every piece, and hammered every nail. I’m a 41 year old woman. :D

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@Jeruba Wow that was quite an experience! Definitely a first for me, too! hahaha

I agree with Augustlan!

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I went to my new endocrinologist for the first time today!

Edit: Also, I read another chapter of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I’m reading it very slowly, only a chapter every couple of days, because there is very little that feels as good as reading something by Neil for the first time.

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A football match live. I’ve been a football fan since I was a kid, but never really went to watch any matches (except maybe the local team in front of 50 people or so). A couple of months ago I was in Athens, staying close to the Karaiskaki stadium of Pireus. I went to watch the local team (Olympiacos FC) and liked it so much that went to the following match a few days later (UEFA cup vs St.Etienne). It cost me a fortune, but I found a VIP seat. Great atmosphere, the lights, the cheering, a very powerful feeling. Worth every penny (even though the hosts lost).

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@MacBean, my husband and I finished it last week. It took a couple of months, read aloud at the rate of an hour to an hour and a half a week. Now, that’s really savoring a book. Some books have taken us nine months to read.

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Like @Jeruba , I also had a first time dream… thing. I was dreaming about something, and I fell asleep. In my dream. And I had another dream. In my dream-dream.

Ahhh! Headache!

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@bpeoples and I found a house we want to buy this week – never done that before! Now we’re waiting to hear from the mortgage broker to see if we can afford it. It’s really exciting and really overwhelming!

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Making out in a cave.

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I went to Fleetwood beach today and noticed that mussel shells are really purple underneath all that hard black/ brown exterior – once the sun gets to it the purple pearl shines through

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This question?

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Getting a leg and foot massage.

Seriously. I’ve always been ticklish. Finally someone was able to do it.

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Mammary intercourse.

You asked.

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Is that like a boobjob? Hot!

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@jo_with_no_space tittyfucking!

But, oh, your’s sounded so much more, mature…

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ok enough with getting me all hot and bothered.

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A few weeks ago, I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time during our first ultrasound. Sounds cheesy, but it was totally amazing.

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