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If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?

Asked by knitfroggy (8962points) April 17th, 2009

I love the show Heroes. My husband and I will often discuss the powers and which we would prefer to have. I personally want to be able to bend the space/time continuum.

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Mind reading. I’ve been very out of touch with everyone in my life lately. Everyone has been unwilling to communicate for one reason or another, regardless of my efforts. It’s frustrating. So if I could read their minds…problem solved! (and then some!)

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I would want the power of Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen. Not because I want to be omnipotent, but because I want to know how everything in the universe fits together.

Dr. Manhattan is a metaphor for enlightenment.

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Just three weeks ago.

As for me, I want to be God-man. Unlimited power!

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There’s got to be a way to determine if a question has been asked before without having to do a search for your own question before you ask it.

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What about something like this?—a match of two or more keywords with a question posted in the past ~60 days brings up that question with a message: “Is this your question?”

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@AstroChuck I want to be your side-kick, God-boy, with almost all the powers – fewer responsibilities.


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The ability to freeze time around me.

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Give me mind control to liquefy brains into jelly, right inside the skull. No fuss, no mess, no noise aside from some low gurgling. Yeah. Like that.

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For me, the answer remains the same. Something to do with water. I will stick by the fact that water always wins. I want to shoot water from my veins or some such nonsense. But, water always wins.

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i would have the ability to take on others super powers at will. this way i could have my cake and blow it up too!

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@uberbatman: That’s what I was going to say.

I have fantasized about the power to freeze time for years. I could get so much done.

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Where’s@mattbrowne? I want to hear what he’d like to be. He’s already Super-Brain.

Lurve him


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Telekinesis because I’m lazy and also because it would easily lead into other superpowers I want, like flying (I could telekinetically move myself!)

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ooOOoo I agree @uberbatman…I kind of want to change my answer.

That would allow me to stop. Look at situations. And not say a lot of stupid and irrational things that I have said. And also to appreciate really wonderful moments for longer :)

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Holy crap im about to get hit by a car. Let me just go ahead and stop time. The applications of it are limitless :P

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That too :P

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@uberbatman: Exactly.

You could catch up on sleep, read a novel you’ve been meaning to get to, appreciate a sunset for longer, and on, and on.

I assume there would have to be limits to how long you could suspend time.

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As I have said before, I want the ability to point at a person and cause them to immediately shit their pants.

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Demon Slayer/Slayer of Demons.
Hope to make it come true one day Lord willing, Maranatha!

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@cprevite even if it was as short as 30 min at a time, it would still be the greatest power ever.

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@Blondesjon That trumps bending the space/time continuum any day of the week if you ask me. I think I would use that on an hourly basis.

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@knitfroggy…I would use it on crowded elevators and from the public viewing balconies when Congress is in session.

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@Blondesjon Love the Congress idea…but a crowded elevator? Would have to do it right before your floor came up! Otherwise it would kind of backfire on you! :)

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@knitfroggy…True enough. I think high school graduations and little league baseball games would be a lot of fun as well.

Would this super power classify me as a super hero or a super villian?

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@Blondesjon I would suppose that depend on who you asked!

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Flight, because no matter how high i get i havent lifted off yet.

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Flight would be good.

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