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Best insurance for a relatively healthy young woman?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) December 4th, 2007

I don’t get benefits through my work, and I am looking into various options for my own benefits. I want to spend around $100 per month. I want a low deductible, and no co-insurance, just a co-pay. I’m looking at Tonik and it seems pretty decent, but wondering if there is anything better. Thanks!

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I was in the very same situation you were—and about to get Tonik, when I talked to someone from She informed me that Tonik doesn’t cover generics, which is actually a deal-breaker for those types of plans because you can (Heaven forfend) get terrible disease that requires tens of thousands of dollars of drugs per months—for which there is no generic—and you become screwed.

There are plenty of great options out there, especially in California (everything differs by state). I’ve got a great plan through Nationwide (that got transfered to HealtNet) that costs less than $100 a month and is actually pretty decent.

I’d really recommend talking to Diane at allhealthplans—their service is free (they get paid by the insurance companies) and thus it’s also unbiased. Diane was very knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve worked with her numerous times and recommended people to her and everyone’s been happy. You can email her at Diane AT allhealthplans DOT com. Let her know I sent you…

I have no affiliation with them. I’m just a happy customer

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hey there, i just looked it up and they DO cover generics, but only from “participating pharmacies” whatever that means. the thing about tonik thats enticing is it does cover some vision and dental. but i’ll check out the website you sent and contact your homegirl, thanks : ) if i didn’t know you i’d think you were a salesperson!

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Sorry—when I some “doesn’t cover generics” I really meant “only covers generics,” i.e.: doesn’t cover name brands (which sometimes have no generic substitutes).

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OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW your homegirl called me today and I hadn’t even contacted her. She scooped my info off the website when I asked for a quote!

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