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You're in the SAW MOVIES, what situation is the WORST?

Asked by MadParty (262points) April 18th, 2009
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needle pit.

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Oh, the needle pit yes, but draining blood from cleaving your hand by that saw machine in the last one made me want to puke. I hate those movies, yet I have seen them all. Why, I don’t know. Too much free time and no judgement I guess.

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Actually, it is the fact that you are locked in a darkened building watching a Saw movie.

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@Marina Agreed. Anything past the first one was a waste of time other than to see creative way of hurting/killing someone. Plus, one year between films isn’t really good. Makes them all seem rushed.

To answer the question, (from the first film) being alone in the bathroom, in the dark until death via starvation, thirst, or means of suicide. At least the other methods were…well, not fast, but somewhat faster then slowly dying, being alone, and going insane in there.

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I thought the reverse-beartrap, mandable splitter could have been pretty rough, mostly because it would take hours to bleed to death, if you didn’t get it off in time. Then again, I haven’t seen Saw in awhile—maybe the contraption had the oomph to make it quick.

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I would really hate to be in the “Pit and the Pendulum ” situation. Imagine to be there just waiting for a giant knife to cut you in half. @Pol_is_aware . yes.. the reverse bear trap was insane

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I’ve seen all of them, I have such a bad memory though.
I do recall the rib splitting thing. That looked awful.
The needle pit didn’t kill the girl, did it? I don’t remember.
The one that was pouring rotting meat on the guy was nasty. I couldn’t imagine drowning in that. g

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Being cast for such a horrible movie.

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