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Is your significant other also a flutherite?

Asked by KalWest (1389points) April 18th, 2009

Or do you prefer keeping fluther to yourself?

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No, she’s not. Too busy!

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Although she is on infrequently.

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Nope. It’s mine.

But my kids are. :)

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Psh, WHAT significant other?

Although, asmonet is my fluther wifey…

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I prefer to keep fluther to myself and online friends. In the past, bf’s shared my online interests but I won’t be sharing this one.

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Yes, he introduced it to me but he pretty much never uses it anymore. And I’m kinda glad about that.

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R a r e l y.

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yes, he is a flutherite
but isn’t on a lot
he hears all about it though

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Yes, but he is not on alot. He also was the one who introduced me to fluther.

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He’s technically a flutherite, but he never comes here, so not really. wisdmers would know him as corey

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Not so far as I know, unless he’s here masquerading under a pseudonym that I have not yet detected.

I was on fluther for at least three months before I ever even mentioned it casually in passing. He has plenty of other online diversions and probably has no interest in playing in my playground.

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Nope. He has no interest, he actually doesn’t understand what I like about it.

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^^^^ Same.

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Yep, but he answers totally different questions than I do – I hardly ever see him here!

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I’d have to define significant other…but that one that i’m maybe sort of dating is.

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My husband and I enjoy fluthering together.

We often have a cigarette afterwards. ;)

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No, he has his own blogs and interests. He spends a great deal of his time on a philosophical group he belongs to, and helping his 88 year old Dad publish web pages. He is also on call at his work 24 hours a day, and does a lot of company work at home.

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Nope, he has no interest in interacting with this demographic.

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@dynamicduo: what demographic would that be?

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i’m also curious

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My girlfriend is but she doesnt frequent that often anymore. Busy with school.

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@KalWest well then, you shall remain curious I’m afraid.

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definition of demographic = Socioeconomic group. Often when I am curious, I look it up in wikipedia for an overall view, if the user hasn’t offered one ” A demographic profile (often shortened to “a demographic”) provides enough information about the typical member of this group to create a mental picture of this hypothetical aggregate”.

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I’m familiar with the term. I was wondering what specific demographic fluther would fall under – aside from the very general grouping of folks who join question and answer sites like this one.

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It’s the “smart-alick” demographic.

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