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Are you busy wrapping gifts and baking for Gail's and my first anniversary tomorrow?

Asked by gailcalled (54614points) April 18th, 2009

MIlo here; I expect brass bands and balloons. Today was humiliating; a nauseating car ride, a manicure at the Humane Soc. and then Frontline. I threw up in the carrying case and then rolled in the driveway, making the gelled fur turn gray. “Take that, Gail,” I thought. But we’re still together.

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So Milo, after one year together, tell me…is the shine off the apple?

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Milo, you’re still together because your partner was smart enough to enlist a village
to help her raise you.

Congratulations to you and G.
You’re a lucky guy and we all love you both.

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Dearest Milo, I’ve left a very special surpise for you in the bottom of Gail’s favorite house plant. Start digging! Spread that dirt far and wide! Dig deeper! Gail won’t mind.
Happy anniversary!

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Good job Milo! You have successfully recruited another one.

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Congratulations, O furry one (That’s you, Milo, not Gail). I’m making you some nice catnip brownies for you to enjoy in honor of your anniversary.

(And between you and me- is Gail as high maintenance as she appears to be? Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.)

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aw, is Milo a year old or older?

Oh Milo, I hope Gail gives you something special for your anniversary, and you better give her something nice as well.

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Milo, despite the rumor, Gail doesn’t want a hairball for your anniversary. It’s just a cooked up ploy by other cats in the county to win Gail’s heart. They are trying to oust you!

Happy Anniversary, Milo…and Gail!

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@casheroo: Milo was my daughter’s cat, but she left Providence a year ago for adventures in and around Vancouver. Despite my huge resistance and reluctance, I agreed to have 5 year old Milo move in with me, which he did forthwith.

To my shock, I fell in love and acted like a lovesick maiden. (Still do. )I have been and am at his beck and call.

But I was also inexperienced, naive and innocent. The fluther community saw us through many hard times and certainly saved my hide. Milo probably agrees that the community saved his hide as well.

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Aww yay Milo! I will be mailing my anniversary present out ASAP (seriously, just wait for it, but don’t hold your breath or anything because if I mess it up Gail might kill me for telling you to hold your breath!) On that note..congrats and kitty sundaes all around!

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I’m smoking some fresh mouse for your delectation.

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this is so sweet. welcome to the world of cat lovers, gail.

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