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How do you handle (school) stress?

Asked by MindErrantry (821points) April 18th, 2009

I’m actually a lot busier than my posting on Fluther might have you believe… The papers are piling up, the concerts, the events—end-of-semester crunch time. What’s your method for handling college pressure, and how do you avoid a) feeling guilty for taking the time off the stuff you should be doing, and b) not dig yourself into a deeper hole than you currently are in?

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I handle it by knocking out everything I’m supposed to do as soon as possible so that I no longer have to worry about it.

If it’s a long project.. take short breaks.. then get right back to it and finish it. The faster it’s done.. the faster you can “get your chill on”.

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i handled it because i had an amazing best friend
so save for using substances to cope with the stress
get a human connection

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Set your work into sections. Split it all up and stay organized.

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When I went to college, I had a family and worked full time, but I didn’t have any stress, because I worked on my assignments during any time I wasn’t doing everything else. Of course, in those days, I didn’t go any where near a computer, so I had no serious distractions.

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I used to pull my hair out, literally. I’ve gotten better at that.

I just push through. The stress actually helps me get a lot down. I’ve been super busy with work lately, and just being tired from my schedule changing…so I’m definitely slacking on my school work. But, I just try to remain calm. As long as I get it done by the time it’s due..then I’m happy.

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Denial. Lots and lots of it. Not kidding. Other than that, having someone to vent to is always useful as @Simone_De_Beauvoir mentioned. My problem is not necessarily the stress but the guilt. Because I almost always decide to do whatever activity it is that does not involve studying. So for myself, making To Do lists helps keep me on track. In addition, cut off the internet i know i know – blasphemy , drink some water and just get things done. My rule for myself is: If you are taking more than 15 min off/hour, then you should be feeling guilty. Also, if you finished your main BIG goal for the day, yes you do deserve a treat whether that is going out for dinner or playing Wii for an hour.

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I make a schedule of what I need to accomplish every single day. I feel disappointed in myself when I get behind, which works as motivation to catch up. But if I don’t have my schedule or someone to answer to, then I don’t have an exact idea of where I need to be, and I don’t feel pressure to get things done. I’m naturally lazy, so I’m constantly fighting that, so I don’t end up in holes to big to completely dig myself out of.

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When you get stressed out, take slow deep breaths.

Count each breath from 1 to 10. Inhale, count 1–1000 then exhale. Inhale 2–1000 exhale… do this until you get to 10–1000. If you want to continue past 10, start over at 1. This will keep you focused on the breathing.

It is physiologically impossible for your heart rate to stay elevated while you are doing this, barring a serious cardiac disorder.

Try it. This works for a lot of stressful situations. There’s no stress in life which is worth sacrificing your health.

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Make a list of all the work with the deadlines. Take a calendar, and block out time for working on the work you need to do, and work for that block of time. Schedule in some time for fun stuff like concerts. Make sure you get exercise and eat well.

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@ragingloli I am both repulsed and amused by your answer.

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Well, when i read this question the first thing that popped into my mind was an animated GIF of Neo (from Matrix) dual wielding pistols and firing like crazy, with a white text on it, reading: “Bullied at school? Try this.”
I lol’d.

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@ragingloli today being the 10 year anniversary of Columbine…i’m inclined to say that maybe, just maybe you should have thought that through a bit better. Some things, like school shootings, are still “too soon” for jokes in my opinion.

As far as stress goes…well I tend to get a bit spastic. Have a dance party with your roommates in the kitchen, works well for us! Last week I went and got pierced again purely as a way to let out the stress and frustration of final papers.

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I also forgot to mention that when i’m feeling particularly stressed I get onto Fluther and get snarky with people that are being asses. The same goes for Twitter. :). Productive? no. Amusing and de-stressing? kind of!

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I would take the minimum course’s to qualify for students loans or go part time and work to pay for your classes.

Take the classes that you enjoy first. Use them to train your self to cope with the harder classes.

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