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Have you ever died in a dream?

Asked by filmfann (50744points) April 18th, 2009

I’ve heard people say that if you die in a dream, you really die. I wasn’t sure until a few years ago, when I did have a death dream. I’m not saying dreaming of dieing, I am saying death. It was very unsettling, but I didn’t expire, I think.

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Yeah it was sickening, I was shot in the head. That day I woke up and developed bronchitis within hours…. coincidence?

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Yes, many times from various causes.
It’s one of my most common dreams, because it’s something I’m very curious about.

If you dream that you die, then you actually die? haha that’s stupid.
I mean…you will actually die…sometime, don’t know when. :)

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I’ve heard that before.
Death in a dream is not a premonition of death. It is merely imagery from the subconscious.
I’ve had dreams that I died. I once had a dream that I was sick in bed and was struggling to breathe. I recall vividly that I exhaled and felt my life leave me. I descended into black.
I didn’t wake up immediately. When I finally awoke I was very disoriented but ultimately I was glad to have awoken at all. Breakfast tasted particularly good that day.

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I got better.

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Last week.
This unkind lady did not respond to my requests for her to stop stabbing me.

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@ru2bz46 Were you turned into a newt? (Monty Python ref…)

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@Elumas In my dream, my sociopath/ex-boss shot me in the eye. I remember falling to the ground, and hearing him laughing, saying “I told him I was gonna do that!”
I had tremors all the next day.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Yes, I was reincarnated into one after being sold off for medical experiments by my Catholic father and killed by a little white bunny rabbit who was in for a pregnancy exam.

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@ru2bz46 That’s wonderfully strange. I love the half sleep dreams. I hope it wasn’t terrifying.

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I never dreamed that I died, but I have dreams of falling sometimes that freak me out. I always wake up right before I land-usually I sit straight up and take a huge gulp of air like I wasn’t breathing. I have an intense fear of heights/falling, so I guess that’s why I dream about it.

I once read in a dream interpretation book that dreams about death mean a new phase in life is beginning or rebirth, that they don’t really mean that you or someone else is going to die. So that’s a good thing.

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Oh, yes. I drowned once. And once I was stabbed in the throat with a sword. The drowning wasn’t so bad—rather pleasant, actually, even though I couldn’t breathe at all. Both were a long time ago, though, and I’ve been alive ever since.

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I just died in your arms tonight .. it must have been something you said…

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@NaturalMineralWater Oh my god, you did NOT just say that…

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All the time but I’m still ticking.

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I was on a street corner, taking a breather from just running out of sight of this beautiful black 2005 5.45i BMW that was chasing me. Then it came screaming around the corner, I shot through the driver window three times and he just ran over me as he bled to death. It was amazing, then I woke up. Another time my dad threw me into my sandbox and as I went under the water I just looked up into the blue and my vision faded till I woke up. We now have a jacuzzi where my sand box was, my dad bought a 07 335i… I love my dreams.

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Yes I’ve dreamed it several times actually. And it has always left me feel sick when I wake up. I wanted to write that the first time was the scariest but I don’t think that’s true. It leaves me feeling unwell each time.

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@RedPowerLady It’s scary but there are things to be learned from these dreamings.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Sadly those are the only words I know to the whole song… if those are even correct.

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@NaturalMineralWater Yeah I’ve heard that song by the Cutting Crew too. Let us both save ourselves some dignity by not speaking of it further.

Such talk will only lead to further darkness that bears such names as “Wang Chung” and “Scritti Politti”.

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At the start of the dream, I died.

What was devastating about the dream is the effects it had on my loved ones, how I pictured my death would affect them. I woke in tears, inconsolable, and stumbled downstairs to my sisters room, and crawled into bed with her. I was 19 at the time, and the last time I had crawled into her bed for comfort was when I was 5, maybe 6, maybe younger. I have never been so profoundly affected by a dream before or since.

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I haven’t actually dreamt of my death but I did once (about 5 years ago now) dream that the doctor told me I only had a month left to live. For the rest of that month I was on edge and found myself quite surprises when, once the month was up, I was still alive!!!

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I sometimes dream of dying, and I usually wake up screaming or breathing hard. Not a pleasant feeling.

@The_Compassionate_Heretic I LOOOVE that song and I know all the words. C’mere, I’ll sing it for you. :-)

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yes, i died once.
i was shot in the head.
the vision got gradually darker and than was totally black for a few seconds before i woke up.
I did not work up sweating or anything like that. it was actually quite undramatic. normal.

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Got sucked up by a tornado one night and didn’t get to see the Good Witch of the North.

Instead I fell back to the Earth and there was an explosion, much like what happened to the truck in the movie Twister.

Then there was a dead silence.

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I fell of the top of a tall building in a dream I had as a teenager. Yup, there was blackness and silence when I hit the ground. I shot up in my bed, and for a few seconds in the dark of my room, I wasn’t sure what had happened. It was terrifying.

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I have died several times in my dreams. It’s always the same two dreams though. Either I am pulled under by something in the ocean and drowned or I’m shot while trying to protect something I just don’t know what. What’s funny is while I’m actually in the dream dreaming I already know what’s going to happen. So I’m constantly trying to wake myself up but have no luck. WEIRD!!

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I agree. I believe in the power of dreams or that they are more than just basic ramblings anyhow.

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@RedPowerLady I thought lucid dreaming required the ability to actually control the dream. I do that, btw.

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@filmfann Nope. Lucid dreaming technically means being aware of the fact you are dreaming. Advanced lucid dreamers can control their dreams (and congrats for being able to) but the majority of lucid dreamers are just aware they are dreaming.

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Really, that happens all the time. These corny, prophetic- type feelings are ridiculous and spread around for the profit of the therapist thats listening to you talk about this worthless dream for 150 bucks an hour.

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I have gone to a therapist during two crisis in my life, and I found them quite helpful.

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