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Do the illogical minds of others fascinate you?

Asked by benjaminlevi (2987points) April 18th, 2009

I don’t claim logical superiority, but why do you think the way you do?

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The mind is a fascinating thing to me. We all have remarkably similar physiology but our behavior differs wildly. What seems illogical and bizarre to one person is everyday reality to others.

Yet as different as people are, there’s no one who has ever experienced something that no one else ever has.

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No, it just scares me.

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Yes, yes, and yes. Almost obsessively so, as some here will no doubt agree to. Kind of like when you were a kid and there was this yucky, gross thing that repelled you but somehow you couldn’t turn away from it and had to poke it with a stick.

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@crisw Yeah, I am already scouring this site for new minds to pick. I like figuring out their “rules” and what predicates they using to formulate their internal arguments. I find myself always asking people questions just to see how they will respond to it.
I just wish that I could go inside their heads

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Fascinated and frustrated, in about equal measure.
At least at first. After awhile, I just get pissed off.

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@benjaminlevi It is very frustrating when those other people get a voice in things I want. If only I could make them think like me…

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@benjaminlevi: how’d you do this—-> “It is very frustrating when those other people get a voice in things I want. If only I could make them think like me…” before I could respond?
Not fair, not fair at all.

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Division by zero. Begin hate. xD

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Fascinate? No
Annoy? Yes

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No. It’s the logical and rational and hyperlogical and extradimensional and creatively extrapolatory minds of others that fascinate me. The illogical and senseless and barely concrete operational minds do not.

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@benjaminlevi, one of the reasons I love reading fiction is that to me it is like trying on somebody else’s head.

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@Jeruba That is my single favorite answer of the day.

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Chicken butt!

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The minds of others, be they illogical (wildly random and alien) or somewhat similar, leave me drooling and wishing for more. I don’t lust over the body, just the brain. This is the one thing for which I am truly insatiable.

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@3or4monsters Are you a zombie?

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@3or4monsters I fell in love with my husband’s brain. :)
I kinda’ liked his body, too.

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As a man thinketh , so is he.
Is one of many great quotes of the Bible. Basically it means that if you will entertain/dwell your mind on corrupt/unBiblical stuff , you yourself will form yourself as adeptived/ corrupt being. If however you choose to dwell on God’s Word , you’ll form a godly being . Oh and temptations to sin will tone down and you’ll have greater control overall that comes to tempt you.

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I actually view illogical people aka some conservatives, as mentally ill.

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@augustlan – Ditto. Yes, fascinated and frustrated. An example are young earth creationists. I’m trying to understand how their minds tick. What made them turn away from enlightenment and science.

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Any fascination I would have had with the illogical thinking of others was gone by age 10. Try living with someone like that, and that person is presuming to raise you. It’s exhausting. I’m done.

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@seVen Thanks, I’ve always wanted to be a godly being.

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@3or4monsters I think you are really awesome and everything, but if you are a zombie and I a zombie slayer I don’t think this is gonna work out. Sorry.

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@benjaminlevi Just a tip… you can reply to multiple people all in the same answer, or if you’ve already answered and then realize you need to add something you have about 5 minutes to edit your answer.

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Who gets to decide just exactly WHAT constitutes the illogical? Are you sure?

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“Who gets to decide just exactly WHAT constitutes the illogical?”

It’s pretty easy, actually. The rules of logic and the basic logical fallacies are quite well defined. They aren’t simply matters of opinion. So, if any particular argument doesn’t follow the rules of logic, or commits a logical fallacy, it’s illogical.

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No, it annoys me.

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Who gets to make the rules?

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@strangeling See crisw’s post just above yours.

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@strangeling Logic, like mathematics, like the Universe itself, follows a set of rules, and we don’t know who made them. People who study the different sciences don’t make up the rules, they discover them.

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So far you haven’t gotten my drift but that’s ok. You think you’ve figured it out and perhaps you have. More power to you. And if that occurs then you know what will come next.

It is unacceptable that due to a different position one may take or adopt in the realm of the free exercise of ideas within the public trust, that anyone can say they are ready to incarcerate another due to their perceived illogical manner of thinking as described by those who “discovered” the accepted pattern of the day. I only request that great care be taken to always be examining…..always, everything. Super redundancy upon redundancy. Just in case. None of us want to find ourselves historically on the side that did not agree back in their respective days with the likes of Galileo or Newton or Darwin for that matter.

Being that we apparently are confronted with a relatively novel set of circumstances our species may not have confronted for some time, if ever, depending on the potential impending extrapolations, it would seem wise to me that we not seek ANY old vestiges.

The proverbial no box even exists or exised and beyond so therefore we cannot think in or out of a box that is not there to begin with modality must be our model now.

So when you say it’s conceivably ok to put away the “incorrect thinkers” because they don’t obey “logic”, I get an uneasy feeling.

Real, uneasy.

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@strangeling You must have gotten this question confused with another one, because I re-read the answers above, and I can’t find any that say anything about putting away incorrect thinkers. Which comments are you responding to? You are apparently trying to make up your own definition for the word logic. Logic is the study of the principles of valid demonstration and inference.

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@strangeling I never said anything about “putting them away” I just said they were interesting.

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It is all good information. It is just how you use it that counts.

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