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How can women who repect you and genuinely value you, be easily seduced by another man?

Asked by Garebo (3183points) April 18th, 2009

They say around 65% of women have cheated; no, we are not talking about men, which is obviously higher. What causes a woman to instantly betray someone they respect and value.

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This question is loaded like a desert eagle at the firing range.

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Not to be rude, but who is “They” and where are you getting these figures from? I know several woman who have never cheated in their life. I know some who have but less than 65%.

With a question like this I’m guessing that you must have recently been cheated on? If that’s the case, you have my sympathy. Time heals wounds. Asking a generalized, loaded question on the other hand… Lets just say there are better ways to put it behind you.

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I know 65% is what I have heard from talk’in-I know it’s cheap . Ok then, plus or minus, 7%, feel any better?

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I would guess the same way men can be.

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I ask, because I was pissed after learning of a close couple we know became separated.
No, I know the appearance is moi – you will believe what you want.

Oh those mighty mods are always right, or will make damn sure they will be.

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I think people in general cheat for many reasons. It can be anything from a boring “home” sex life to the excitement of having sex with a stranger and between, above, under, around, far, and wide. There are literally too many reasons to count. One thing is for sure, people have been unfaithful for many years and will continue to do so for many more.

I’m very confused by your above response and your question in general. Hopefully my answer helps a little.

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We want what we don’t have.
This happens to men and women indistinctily.

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Platonic love versus sex drive.

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They can’t.

Anything I’ve ever read about the subject (not to say that it’s all correct, but I’ll use them as an example) said that the majority of women who were asked to anonymously answer if they’d ever cheated on a partner and then also asked to give a reason, said they cheated because they didn’t feel loved enough by their partner. In most cases, it was because they were looking for something to fill a void they felt in their relationship.

Typically, that is where the difference lies with men and women. Women tend to do it (not all, though) because they want to feel loved and happy again. Men tend to do it because they just want sex.

If a woman doesn’t feel loved and respected in a relationship, chances are she’s not going to respect who she’s with.

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So, then, it’s kosher to sleep around when you don’t feel like your getting good lovin at home?

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That is my whole point, or why I would ask such a question. Why is is that a woman feels the need to remove herself from a relationship from someone she admires respects and values?
Is it just for sex,or attention?

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