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Setup Linksys AG241v2 and D-Link DI-524 port forwarding?

Asked by James17555 (204points) April 19th, 2009

I’m using a Linksys AG241v2 modem together with a D-Link DI-524 router for my home WLAN network. As I’m using bittorrent software (utorrent), I’d like to set up port forwarding for port 1650.

Unfortunately, I doesn’t seem to work. I consulted many different internet sites, but I don’t find the solution.

My static IP is and I can get this forwarded in the router very easily, however, once I log into the modem configuration panel and go to the port forwarding section, I can only enter IP adresses starting with 192.168.1.! As my laptop’s static adress is, I cannot enter it in there…

Any ideas?

P.S.:I already read that there is a certain “Bridge” or “Access Point” mode in the modem which would have to be used in order to setup portforwarding just once and not doubly, but I don’t know if I should really change these settings as our entire household need an internet connection and I don’t want to mess up everything for everybody here…

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Are you sure you are configuring the right interface? You might be on the interface that is going to the router.

Second, I think you have to say that the port 1650 should go to the router. The modem doesn’t care about your laptop, it only cares where the next place the traffic should go to is. And that would be the router.

Find out what the IP of the router is for the interface that goes to the modem. I think from the modem, that is where the 1650 should be forwarded to.

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Yes this seems logical but the problem is the same as with my laptop: The router’s IP is, and the modem only allows IPs with 192.168.1. to be forwarded, so I can’t even enter the router there…

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Check out

its a great site and will help you set up your router properly.


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The link between the router and the modem might be on a different network. aka the 192.168.1.x

At least that’s my guess and my understand of how it works.

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