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Girls: Have you ever wanted to feel what is it like a girl on girl experience?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) April 19th, 2009 from iPhone

This question was inspired by an answer that casheroo gave to another person in one of my questions.
Have you ever wanted to feel what is it like to be with another girl? Or to kiss another girl?
Did you tried it? Did you liked it?

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[mod says] Please save the joking until the question has at least one or two valid answers. Thanks!

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I have kissed many girls, many boys, I have an imagination for the rest.

I do not nor will I probably ever actively seek out such an experience. I am not however, against it. Kissing them was not bad, not any different from men perhaps not as exciting for me personally. I knew I didn’t have feelings towards women in particular, but I’ve always excepted a level of fluidity in gender and sex issues.

So, meh, if it happens it happens, you roll with it.

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Wanted to? Yes. Did it? Yes. Continue to do it? Yes.

Really, you can’t knock it until you try it.

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Yes, I had always wanted to experience it. Maybe I’ll convince my husband someday…

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I made out with a girl once when I was younger, I’d always wanted to, and it was fun. I’ve had thoughts about taking it further, but I don’t know that I ever will. I think it’s pretty normal for women to experiment, my husband and I went to the bar with a bunch of people from my work a couple weekends ago and after a few drinks it looked like a regular lesbian convention.

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@knitfroggy what’s that line, everyone is just three drinks from a homosexual experience?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra That sounds about right…made me look at some of my coworkers differently!

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Nope. I have never been sexual with a woman, nor have I wanted to. And I’ve been drunk as a skunk in a bunk in places where people could be expected to go to town on each other in any permutation – and did. I’ve been hit on by women, too. I’m just not interested.

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Growing up it was never something that interested me. However, I did ecstasy some amount of years ago and I ended up kissing a female. It wasn’t particularly exciting, even when I had the effects of the drug running through me. It didn’t gross me out either, though. It was what it was, I guess.

That said, I have no desire to take it to another level. I’m just not sexually attracted to females.

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Yes. I’m straight when it comes to relationships but totally bi when it comes to sex. Sex between 2 (or more) consenting adults of any gender is all good!

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I’d like to try kissing a girl, but I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing out on anything if I never did. The idea of doing anything below-the-belt with a girl seems kinda icky to me… so I have no curiosity about that at all.

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I’m not as interested as my hubby would like me to be !) At this point in my life I would not reject it though!

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@mamabeverley May I ask why you wouldn’t reject it?

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@2late2be I am now secure in who I am as a person and no longer fear labels. Besides, if I put on a show for my hubby, he might get interested again!(HAHA)

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@2late2be Really though, I will try just about anything once. Besides, I am an old woman, not too many takers out there!

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