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What do you do if you're up really late and you're not even tired?

Asked by upholstry (683points) April 19th, 2009

Are you ever awake way past your usual bedtime and wish you were tired, but you weren’t? How do you spend your extra time? I’m not necessarily talking about ‘insomnia’. Maybe you just took a long nap during the day or accidently ate a candybar before bed.

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Usually screw around on fluther and/or Youtube, but occassionally I do something productive.

A lot of the time I can’t sleep when I first lay down, My mind starts running through everything that needs to be done the next day, and I have to get back up and make a To-Do list before I can sleep.

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I have had many bouts with insomnia before in the past. Much better now.

When you’re experiencing a bout of sleeplessness, lying in bed staring at the ceiling is no good. Get up and do something for 15–30 min. It sounds like you’re doing this now. It shouldn’t be long until you start feeling tired. Another good thing is non-caffinated tea.

Play around online for a few and when you start feeling even a little bit sleepy, got to bed. If I had a webcam I might show the process my going to bed myself momentarily.

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Generally, I Fluther. I’m up every night, almost all night (its 5:30AM here, and I haven’t been to bed yet.) Lately, I’ve been fiddling around with a business idea I have… trying to get my ducks in a row. Every now and again I can do chores or something, but doing housework in the middle of the night feels wrong.

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I cycle: Facebook, Hotmail, Fluther, Livejournal, Twitter, CNN, repeat.

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beer, your left hand and an ipod are your friend….

welcome to the loser club btw ;)

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@TaoSan omfg get out of my head.

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Generally if I’m in the same situation as you I do something that occupies my mind with a mundane task that won’t stimulate me mentally or physically. Some folks watch boring TV others read technical manuals I personally clean the bedroom, fold clothes or the like. Soon my mind is relaxed and I can go to sleep.

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Sit in the dark by myself watching Forensic Files in the middle of the night. Sometimes I fluther or work on sewing projects.

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I always think smoking some pot will knock me out. I have not learned my lesson yet, but it’s totally a stimulant for me, I get sooo hyper and it takes forever for me to calm down.

I usually go online, or watch movies with my husband. Sex also helps me become sleepy.

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I have an episode of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on the dvr that I watch if I need to go to bed and I’m not tired. His voice is really quiet and soothing and it makes me tired. I get sick of watching him paint the same happy trees after a while though. Also if I try to read a book in the middle if the night that will make me real sleepy after a few pages.

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I either play around on Fluther, go to Tapegerm and download a few loops to use in future mixes, or visit an online game site. Other times, I’ll figure out how long my nap was, how long it is until I have to get up, and hope it comes out to at least seven hours. :-) Augustlan said housework just seems wrong, and I agree.

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As boring as it is…I either read or watch Tv sat in front of the fire, the heat puts me out like a light.

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When this happens to me I exercise. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but when I finish, I start cleaning my bedroom (for some reason exercise puts me in a cleaning mood?). So, about the time I finish cleaning my room I’m ready to sleep. Also, reading helps most people sleep.

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@casheroo: Sex totally puts me to sleep too! Ohhh, that came out sounding so wrong! LOL!

No, it’s true though. After an orgasm, I have such an intensely happy warm comfy feeling that it’s almost impossible for me not to go to sleep.

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@casheroo and @La_chica_gomela Sex often causes just the opposite in me… I’ll be really energetic for a while after. Nothing seems to reliably put me to sleep… not even pills. :(

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Nighty-Night tea with warm milk, and a shot of nyquil.

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I work all night so you’ll usually see me on Fluther during the witching hour and afterwards too.

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