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What's the correct pronunciation of LG?

Asked by tantaikooi (122points) April 19th, 2009

Should we say L G…or maybe elerg?

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I’m curious about your tags… Isn’t it a South Korean company.

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I call it “El Gee” isn’t it just letter?

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It’s just L G. Nothing special. I talk with reps from them all the time.

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L.G. was the name given to the combined business venture of
Lucky Co. and Goldstar Co.

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Prudence. and,

the definition, Lawful Good.

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@Crusader wthooble are you talking about?

I just say “El Gee”. It’s just letters. Where did you get “elerg?” I’m just wondering.

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El Gee, Sounds like a really famous Spanish guy..

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i was in china last night with my shanghainese gf in a cellphone shop, they argued with me about the pronunciation of LG. I thought it is just two letter L – G, and should pronounce as LG, but they said should be something like el-lerr-gy…and my gf’s friend from germeny or french said that too.

i know it’s stand for lucky goldstar or life’s good….just curious, what’s the official pronunciation of it.

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@tantaikooi – They pronounce it in this commercial

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Are we talking about how it’s pronounced by a speaker of a language that does not have the R sound in it?

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Why is this a question?

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