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Who's celebrating MIlo's and my first anniversary, besides us, of course?

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) April 19th, 2009

The catnip brownies and smoked mouse arrived on time. So far, no buried gift unearthed but not for want of trying… plenty of dirt spread around. No stypic pencils, leather gauntlets or first-aid kit for me, however. Thanks to those who took the effort. It’s still not too late for cake.

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Aw, me! Happy anniversary to you two, going through this world together! I know you crazy kids’ll make a go of it for a long time to come! Aaaaachooo!

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I am! I can’t imagine Fluther without the two of you.

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I would wager a bet that you can barely recall a time b.m. (before Milo). Congratulations.

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In celebration, I will let my CindyCat sit on my lap a little more today and I will wish that you also get to partake in Cat On Lap Syndrome.

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I should have known today was the day. My kitties, Katy and Chance, have been awfully excited.

Congrats on making it through the year and best wishes for the year to come!

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this is the party event of the year for me.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03: That’s the spirit.

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I suppose ,if it is absolutely necessary, I can drink to that.

Toivomme sekä monia onnellisia vuosia yhdessä.

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Wow! Has it really been a whole year already? Congrats!!!

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What would Fluther be without you two? Happy anniversary!!!!!

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My cat is out mouse hunting. As soon as she returns, we shall feast in your honor. I will be having salad.
Congratulations to Milo and Gail!

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Congratulations to the happy couple! I will give my cats a catnip treat in your honor.

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Molly says congrats to Milo and you and wants to know if there will be cake.

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Spencer & Henry want to wish you two a happy anniversay (they’re my furbabies) They’re jealous of the catnip brownies ;)

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@Blondesjon:Onpa kiva haluavat.

@All; Thank you. We had a close call late this afternoon. I heard what sounded like a loud crow cawing or a dog barking; so I rushed to my bedroom window. Milo was sauntering out of my woods with either a red fox or a coyote about 20 feet behind him. I shrieked and the animal ran away. I don’t know why Milo wasn’t alarmed; I was terrified and suppose that I can’t let him outside at the end of the day.

A coyote can bring down a small deer, and foxes have kits at this time of year so the male is out hunting. I guess if you can nab a rabbit, an 11 lb. cat is fair game.

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In honor of your one year anniversary with Milo, I am going to take my boys to the Humane Society next weekend and adopt a cat. We might even name him Milo.

Congratulations, and here’s to many more years together.

Yes, I am serious, the boys and I have been talking about getting a cat for quite some time, this is just what I needed to make it happen.

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I hear that President Obama just declared it “National Gail and Milo Day.” Congrats!

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In Milo’s honor, Dakota (our not-so-bright dog) ran laps and barked in celebration. She promptly ran into the fence, after running the laps. She was chasing a squirrel and forgot to stop. She was only trying to catch a present.

She couldn’t do this yesterday, we were too busy with a family crisis. Super Hamm (aka Mushroom), my son’s hamster ran on her wheel for an extended period of time. She’s tired, but will share her mushed banana with Milo and you too, Gail! :)

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