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What would be the best way to approach my roommate about the damage in our room?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21446points) April 19th, 2009

My dorm room is a suite with a number of bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a common room. Currently, two of my roommates have chairs in the common room. One of my roommates has caused an amount of damage to the wall behind her chair, from her bumping and scraping against the wall. I and my other roommates have sat in this chair and I have sat in it almost as much as the roommate who owns in it. Whenever I sit in the chair, I move it away from the wall and periodically check to make sure it’s not pressed up against the wall.

My question is this, how do I approach her about paying for the damage done to the wall? My school will charge the whole room for these damages but I think my roommate should pay the whole sum. How do I mention this to her without sounding as if I am attacking or accusing her?

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Find out from the school whether and how much you’re going to be charged, first. Some wear and tear is expected

Honestly—I’d be pretty peeved if a roommate wanted to spreadsheet me like that. It seems awfully nitpicky and not necessarily worth bringing up.

If you’re concerned about paying for the damage, why haven’t you mentioned this to her before now, when the damage might have been lessened?

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I would bring it up now, but in the sense of, “Let’s look at the room and determine if we’re going to get charged for any damage.” Since everyone uses the furniture that belongs to two of the suite mates, holding them liable for the entire amount of damage is a little petty.

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Okay, well, as soon as I asked this question, my other roommate said something. The girl who owns the chair said she would pay for it before either of us said anything to her about that.

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