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Is a squishy or stiff bed better for you?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) April 19th, 2009

does either one cause back pain or problems?

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i personally like a firm mattress with a little bit of give

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I sleep on my stomach, so it doesn’t really matter to me. Somewhere in between.

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I have a bad time sleeping on a soft bed, because I turn over frequently during the night, and when I sink into the bed, I have trouble turning over.

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The Latter.

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Listen to your body. I sleep on a box spring, bed board, and firm foam mattress. It is akin to lying on poured concrete, my friends tell me. But it works for my back problems. MIlo sleeps on me; he says that suits his back.

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My back hurts if I sleep in a soft bed, I prefer a really firm bed.

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as far as I understand it, one has to sleep on a firm mattress
this is esp important for babies but i’m thinking would be good advice for all life

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I prefer a firm bed, with an eensy bit of give like @MadParty.

I make up for it with twelve pillows, all in use and a great big fluffy comforter to roll around in and be snuggled.

Mmmm, snuggle blanket.

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I’ve got a waterbed, I don’t think it gets much more squishy than that.

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I know a fairly firm bed is better, with a little but of give. Thats why every 9 years you are meant to get a new mattress so it still can support your back. A squishy one is more comfy though:)

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I’ve slept on different types of mattresses growing up, then I settled on a nice firm expensive matress with a pillow top for comfort. I figured a somewhat sore back in the morning was just part of aging. When my wife and I separated, I brought just an antique Chinese wooden “couch” with me. I put two large, thick, heavy goose down cushions end-to-end on the hard surface and wrapped a sheet around them. I never knew a bed could be so comfortable, and I have no more back pain. :-D

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Firm, with a little give. Just enough for me to sink into without feeling stuck. :)

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Pretty darn squishy for me. I’m a side sleeper. A firm mattress jams my shoulder. LOL !!

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