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What is the best place to stay in Maui?

Asked by lataylor (540points) April 19th, 2009

This summer marks the 10th Anniversary for my wife and me and I want to surprise here with a nice vacation to Maui, but I have never been, We are very active and enjoy exercise, but also good restaurants, bars, nightlife. We want a very relaxed vacaton.

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i highly recommend the prince kuhio hotel. the food is plentiful, wonderful, and has both familiar and exotic treats. rooms and views: lovely. staff: friendly and helpful. you’re by a renown snorking bay and near (but not too near) the airport. you’re also close to a pretty mall. i was there two years ago.

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I have stayed at both the Ritz Carlton at Kapalua and the Grand Wailea. They are both 5 star hotels and amazing. If you play golf then I would stay in Kapalua. But if not, then I like the amenities at the Grand Wailea. We stayed at the Ritz for our honeymoon (last August) and Wailea two years ago. Have a great time!

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My family and I rented a cabin on the slope of Haleakala – the view was AMAZING, it’s quiet and you can see a lot of the island from the porch.

It’s called The Star Lookout and is one of the best places I’ve stayed on all my years of traveling. ; )

It was quiet and private, the people who owned the cabin have a house nearby and this is the only property they rent (I think). It was kind of a drive to food and entertainment, but you’ll already be on or near the road to the peak for the sunrise!

A pic of the view is located here:

There are a few other pics of this location in that photostream.

I couldn’t recommend it enough!

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