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Do you think of what you did during the day while you're laying in your bed trying to fall asleep?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) April 19th, 2009 from iPhone

Like when it was midday, you were in the car and your kids were crying and you couldn’t calm them and then screamed at them ( personal experience LOL!!!) and then at night you think ” I should have been more patient with them”. I hope I can explain what I really want to say.

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No, not really. I only go to bed when I’m actually sleepy, since I don’t have a schedule to keep, so I go right to sleep.

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A lot of times. I’m an overthinker. My mind is often stuck in the past or future, rather than the now.

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I am an overthinker as well… the thing that keeps me up the most is analyzing the decisions I’ve made in this lifetime and trying to find a solution to my current problems.

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Sometimes. Sometimes I think about what I’m doing the next day and how early I need to get up or not. Sometimes I drift off thinking of what I’ve been reading and the plot sort of continues in my head into my dreams. Sometimes random-seeming things pop in my head. Other times I just fall straight to sleep.

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I kind of do that, and exagerate to great lenghts, then it transitions into what I will be doing next, and it sort of prepares me for stuff. It’s a cool exercise.

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sometimes. but if if dwelling on it serves no purpose—if i have guilt but no clear way to improve (or—to be frank—know i’m unlikely to improve immediately) here’s what i do: i get up and do stuff. useful stuff i’ve put off, creative stuff, or something compelling. i don’t worry about sleep. the most compelling thing is usually writing down what happened, how i feel, etc. which often gives insight, always gives some relief. remember: if you run, things will chase. it’s nature!

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Only during the two seconds it takes me to fall asleep.

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Nah, I usually think about all of the stuff that has to be done the following day.

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I generally fall asleep thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, there is nothing you can do about the past.

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Some nights, no. But if I did something I wish I really, really hadn’t done, I will turn it over in my mind repeatedly and wonder what I could have done differently, or fearing that I’ll be judged harshly by other people for it. There’s a few things I’m still embarrassed by that I logically know no one else even remembers or cares about that I’ll think on occasionally before I drop off to sleep, something from 3 years ago in one instance.

I would like to be able to let go of my mistakes and not punish myself for being human and get some sleep.

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No, I try to move past the day that has ended. I may consider what I need to do the next day. Mostly, I think of ways to keep my husband from snoring, talking in his sleep or flopping his arm over and bopping me in the head. He’s been a mess, lately!

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I overthink things as well. I usually have to wait till I am exhausted before going to bed, or I will run over the day’s conversations for hours.

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i just dream about it.

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yes sometimes, but i usually think about the next day. i usually worry about what i need to get done.

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Yes i do and it leads to weird dreams

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Yes I do this quite frequently. You’ve probably heard this before but it really works for me , to calm my head down so I can sleep. I write those thoughts down. I just keep a paper notebook and a pen near my bed. When the thoughts cross my mind instead of thinking them through over and over I just write it down and tell myself I’ll think about it in the morning. For your example i would have wrote ‘don’t scream at kids’ or something of that nature.

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I guess I’m kind of weird about this, but if I have trouble falling asleep, I find that performing mental math exercises helps me doze off. Like counting by perfect squares (1×1=1, 2×2=4, 3×3=9 etc) or finding patterns within a Fibonacci sequence.
hey, I told you I’m weird; but it works for me!

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@Yetanotheruser : Yeah, when having trouble sleeping that sort of thing can work for a lot of us. It’s not as weird as you might think. :^>

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