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What was the last thing you dreamed about?

Asked by May2689 (1291points) April 19th, 2009

Sometimes we cant remember what we dream about. But sometimes, we do, and that dream stays with us all day, maybe even weeks or months. Do you recall your most recent dream?

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My mom was giving me advice on dildos.

I have weird dreams, and I remember them every morning

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Being kicked out of a hospital by an impatient nurse . . .woke up in a hospital but wasn’t kicked out or anything

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I got a DUI for being a (sober) passenger in a car with a drunk driver. They setenced me to three days of jail but the boys in front of me in the admittance line for jail were being total jerks to the staff so they reduced my time to 6 hours. It was fun, they had a big room with computers and I played online and I was sad when my 6 hours were up cause I was having so much fun in jail.

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I broke my glasses, right down the center, and fixed them back together with glue and black electrician’s tape. :) YAAWWWN.

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This is so strange, but I answered a knock on the door and there stood a skunk in a tuxedo. I woke up then I wonder what that means??? They don’t even have skunks in Australia and I have been here almost 11 years now!

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@3or4monsters – yep cept he was wearing white tie and tails, made quite a dashing figure actually!

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i dreamed some manmade disaster was ending our world. the air was getting hotter by the minute, clouds were changing colors wildly, and i wanted to see my children one last time. planes were grounded so a ship was my only hope for reaching the mainland. but things kept blocking my path, making me later and later. a buzzing, metallic wind sprang up, i felt agitated. i just made ship as it pulled out, but the ocean was rough. on board i talked with a rinpoche…ship became a train, we were barreling thru europe—germany i think—the buzzing atmosphere was deafening and the sky was dark purple, sparks bit into my skin. everyone was terrified…and suddenly, i knew we’d never reach the depot. i woke up as the ground became molten and started cracking and buckling.

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I rarely remember.. though there are definitely recurring locations. It’s odd to me that it is the locations that recur but not the actual dream. What’s that about?

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I can’t remember lately. When I don’t get enough sleep, it’s like my mind goes blank. I need more sleep to dream

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The Moon was falling into the Earth and was going to destroy England and France. Everyone was really calm and I was panicking.

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Woke up about an hour ago and I remember dreaming that I was trying to pick up 6” long house centipedes with iron tongs. I was trying to throw them outside. They kept curling around my wrist and were trying to sting me. They’re the ugliest mofos as far as bugs go. As soon as I’d toss one out, it was trying to find cracks in the house, so it could crawl back in.

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I was back living with my family… and it was someone’s sister’s wedding…and there were two girls fighting and throwing things at each other. The day of the wedding, I found out that a psycho stalker I had, was coming to the wedding. So I needed to talk to the security guards and inform them about the “situation”. Also, went to the supermarket and I bought a ton of stuff. When I was back at my house, I was trying to find the OFF button in the microwave, and I took a glimpse at my old house, my old life. I was so happy that I was back that I was sad when I woke up!

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This is absolutely true…

I ran into Dick Cheney waiting for an elevator and I read him the riot act. I told him off for Halliburton, Blackwater, torture, and his destruction of our country. By the end of our conversation he had seen the light.

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@Supermouse, did he ask you to go bird hunting with him?

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I was in a pirate ship battle! It was awesome, my ship was kicking the other ships ass even though it was way bigger and then I was walking down a hall with really tall walls with my friend and he was whining about my other friend and how she ate his cake, but the pirate ship was the kind that only had the cannons on the side so we had to dance around the other ship and always be out of range from their cannon, it was pretty intense.

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I haven’t been feeling well recently and Saturday night I had a dream where I was walking in a beautiful park with my late ex and we were having a wonderful talk. He was telling me that soon I would be feeling better and there would be no more pain, only happiness and contentment. The my father and brother joined us and I woke up feeling much better.

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I was at my grandpa’s house, and he wanted me to dig a trench around his garden with an ice cream scoop. I did it, but I was annoyed doing it because I kept thinking “I’m going to wake up and the trench won’t have been dug, and I’ll have to start all over again.”

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@evelyns pet zebra lol4rl! If he had I would have run screaming in the opposite direction!

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I ate a watermelon moose.

…For like six hours in dream time.

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I want a watermelon moose.

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@rooeytoo i’d examine my friends carefully if i were you. “skunk in a tuxedo.” hmmmm…

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@imah do you live in the tropics? your dream reminds me of a year ago when my place was like a literal nightmare due to a bug invasion. oahu apartment, nutty neighbor next door who never, ever, ever cleaned, and ancient building with zillions of cracks in the walls (and worse). i know the centipedes in hawaii are intense. i never got bit but friends have.

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I had a nightmare last night.. about my boyfriend cheating on me with a girl from one of my college classes. The weird thing is that they dont even know each other! Im way too paranoid.

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@galileogirl my sympathy on your loss, and that dream sounds like a harbinger of better times ahead. or more accurately, the symbol of a welcome and profound turning point.

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@iquanyin They were the most important people in my life and they have been

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gone for between 15 and 9 years. I dream about talking to them a lot but this was the first time they didn’t come to me. I felt like I went to them.

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@ i know how it is. three yrs ago i lost the love of my life. and i’m healing from some med stuff too.

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@petethepothead: The real question is, was it a watermelon shaped like a moose? Or a moose made of watermelon?

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I thought it was a moose made of watermelon. Was I right?

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High five.

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It was just a brief flash—My Mom and Dad and I were back in Florida when I was 7 (only I know it was really further back than that, in Seattle when I was 4 and 5) and my Dad was wearing a black suit with a white shirt. Dad was really tall and lanky, just like Obama and he was dancing that cool-funny way that Obama dances, you know. And my Mom was sitting at a long table, a short (height-wise) one, like you’d see in a Kindergarten class, and she was smiling. She was such a beautiful woman, and my dad was so handsome, and they were happy. John F and Jackie O always comes to mind when I think of them! But it was…poignant because the reality is, after a stormy, unhappy, miserable marriage they divorced in 1980, after 23 years, and they both died in this decade. It was….very sad. Seeing them happy and together together was very heart wrenching.

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Hah! Very amusing everyone! :-)

Funny I found this thread…just last night I dreamed I was driving a dune buggy with this really cool carved teakwood backrest….go figure???


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Early this morning I was dreaming my bf lit his closet on fire and we stood naked in the smoke while it all smolder/burned. Needless to say, I was not in the mood for morning nekid fun and came to work with the grouchies.

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