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What do Mormonism & Islam have in common?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) April 20th, 2009

Comparative studies of religions.

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Both have prohibitions on alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, and gambling. Both are to have been inspired by the archangel

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Both Mormon fundamentalism and Islamist fundamentalism support polygamy. Yet both the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and secular Muslim countries like Turkey and Jordan do not support polygamy.

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both believe that truth is revealed, that it’s something outside of us. both rely on written words, words whose meaning theri followers—and leaders—can never fully agree on.

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Both value unborn life.

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Both tithe and give generously to disaster relief.

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Both worship the God of Abraham.

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Who said Jordan does not support Polygamy??
I live in Jordan, and I know lot’s of men who
are married to more than one wife, and on top of that, they’re living a pretty good life.

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There’s a big difference between them:
Muslims believe in, and highly respect all the other prophets
including prophet Jesus,since we Muslims don’t believe he’s the son of God (peace be upon them all) beside the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), while Mormonists do not believe in prophet Mohammad(pbuh).

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Ok if we are talking differences..
Muslims believe that they can have multiple wives.
Their theocracy government supports this.

Mormons had, but no longer condone polygamy,
(and never a doctrine of violent control/consequence
for disobedience) Additionally, The US Republic government criminalizes plural marriage, its called adultery.
(Though plenty of mistresses, and mr’s and such
in marriages, fidlelity is optional…)

Muslims believe that their women are
exclusively the province of Muslim men
-of the same (arab/persian) race.
If they disobey, they are often victims
of ‘honor killings’

Mormons, while not entirely promoting inter-racial
sexual relations, allow for marriage as long
as a male has the priesthood, and in the temple
with the higher priesthood. Any race with any
race. Thus, not racist.

Further, if a mormon girl is not obedient,
whether daughter, wife, aunt, sister,
she may be subject to verbal exhortation,
but physical violence is Never an option
to maintain obedience as an official policy,
Nor tolerated as an unofficial private action
as divorces are permissable to separate
women from abusive husbands, or as Mormons
refer to it, ‘unworthy priests.’

Money and power can provide influence and
authority for anyone, anywhere, regardless,
It is how this money and authority are
used that defines character, and heart.

The Mormon path much more difficult, but
utilizes Love as the guiding principle,
in Addition to Faith, Muslims Love too,
certainly, but Faith comes first,
even if that means execution. It is
an effective deterrant in any case and ensures
the complete domination of a woman.

Lastly, Muslims Men can and are encouraged
to betroth women of All races. Its All Good
For the (wealthy, arab/persian male,) Muslim Hood!

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@Crusader- “Mormons, while not entirely promoting inter-racial sexual relations… Thus, not racist.”
Fact: The founder prophet of the LDS church didn’t feel blacks were worthy of membership. Up until recent history the Mormon church taught its members that black people were descended from Cain and were of lower standing and could not be members. In fact, It wasn’t until 1978 that the LDS allowed blacks priesthood in the church.

Not racist? O-kay.

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Hi Asto,
Well the NIMBY (not in my back yard)
attitude will be effective and you will
have your authority to ignore heinous abuses
of others abroad so long as they do not
have theocratic authority hear…yet…
Nice cherry-picking on one particular thread…
Lets see, Today anyone can marry anyone with
good standing in LDS-Not so in Islam-does Today
not matter to you?

Also, blacks and Anyone could Always be
members, please, cease with the propagada.
Black could not hold the Priesthood until
1978-but All other races could and did
gradually up to that point.

Lets see, Mormons 150 years old,
All inclusive potential after 120 years,
educates, protects, empowers women,
insures accountability of men,

Muslims; 1300 years old,
Exclusivity of women for men access among arabs and
persians-elsewhere their own race, yet allowances are made for older wealthy Arab/Persian men (Indonesia/Pakisatan)..sexual dominance reinforced with death penalties, often deliberately undereducates women,
subjects them to harsh punishments,
their ‘holy’ land’s clerics allowed an 8 year old
girl to marry a grown man, and 75 year-old ‘clerics’
routinely marry 10 year-olds girls.

Often little boys are bought and sold
for you know what, as long as they
are ‘infidels..’ (Remember Arafat?)

Mormons believe in scrupulous honesty,
Muslims believe dishonesty is acceptable
with indfidels, particularly when the benifit
will lend itself to another Muslim.

Yes, Mormons are not perfect, and yes,
there are some similarities between Islam and
Mormons, and yes, there is an element of
Aryanism in the Mormon culture, but they
are Loving, Accountable, and Honest most
often, to All, not just their particular

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Oh, and another similarity,
Neither belief system encourages homosexuality…

Yet LDS approaches the subject with patience,
and a high degree of tolerance, though
LDS leadership is always a man who is married
to a women.

Islam executes, and/or imprisons Homosexuals most often.
Islamic leadership is always a man.

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@Crusader- Who’s cherry picking? You focused on only the negative things of Islam and only what you feel are positives on Mormanism.
As for Islam, I wasn’t defending any of the things you listed about the Muslim faith, so I don’t know where you got that. What I was doing was point out your comment about the non- racism within the LDS church when history has shown otherwise.

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No, you mischaracterized the Truth.
I stipulated modern-day truth,
You subverted it.
I indicated similarities and differences
not negetivism
If the Liberal supporting Muslim
agenda supports your personal lifestle
at least you are not a hypocrite,
but that does not mean you are honest about others.
Your emphasis on subverting the truth
about LDS and omission on any Islamic realities
is evidence of you support.

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I don’t know the similarities or the differences and I am intrigued enough by reading this thread to bother to go out and read up on it. Maybe I will learn something.

However, @Crusader “Yet LDS approaches the subject with patience,
and a high degree of tolerance”? Really? What about Funding prop 8?

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i’m just glad we’re going to form all our answers like poetry. FYI: all my comments should be read in iambic pentameter.

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adream… said…”...tolerance…funding prop 8’
Yes, LDS are tolerant, forgiving, and loving, accountable,
and honesty generally.

Prop 8 was not officially funded by LDS, (a Privately funded organization in any case.) advcovates Were Publically
funded by Public groups,(ACLU,) Thus the contridiction,
an organization subsidized by both social/political spectrums
through tax levies to both to support one position against
the other. Certainly some LDS opposed the Prop, certain others were indifferent, However the Majority of the State
voted it down, and even after the Prop 8 succeeded, (again,)
corrupt judges not adhering to constitutional principles
and defying the public will proceeded to undermine them
again. History speaks of many facist, communist, and violent
revolutionary warlords or various religious beliefs, or none at all subverting the will of the people to empower themselves…

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@Crusader is someone who’s learning to type typing your pedantic comments for you, buddy?

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Any one care to comment on the content…?

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@Crusader show us some and we’ll discuss it.

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Plenty of pearls here, if you choose to see.
Always choice.

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@Crusader i’m not sure where to find these “pearls” of content under the disaster of spelling and grammatical error. I can’t even answer the comment posted to me because I can’t figure out what the hell it says. However, I do get the gist and by my theory any religion whose followers fund 40.4% of the money for Prop 8 and claim that the other 29.94% of “unknown” funders are “probably” mormon cannot be considered “tolerant”. I’m sorry.

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@Crusader psychotic babble is not a “pearl”, and you’re quasi-“Christian” rhetoric is crazytalk anyways.

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Semantics. Unsubstantiated speculation,
or, worse, fascio-communist infringement on
privacy if true.
Tolerance is relative, the opponents
of Prop at are the new Inquisitors
violence, intimidation, or deception the norm.

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@Crusader do you just pick words from the dictionary, at random, and put them together? or are your comments formed by 1000 monkeys typing at keyboards?

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@eponymoushipster I was wondering the same question.
@Crusader the fact that you claim that the Opponents of prop 8 are the ones that make intimidation and deception the norm than clearly you need to watch the blatant lies spouted forth by those in support of Prop 8.

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i think Crusader and RealEyes might be lovers. They seem to have that “certain something”

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Both wear blinders?

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First, to correct astrochuck, Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) not only allowed blacks into full membership, but also extended priesthood offices to them. Elijah Abel, a black Mormon in the first years of the church, eventually became a member of the Quorum of Seventy, a presiding body of elders. The policy that banned certain groups of blacks (specifically pure-blooded African descent, not aboriginal blacks of other regions) surfaced in pioneer Utah. Astrochuck is correct in stating that priesthood ordinations were officially extended to black males in 1978. To double check my facts here, reputable historical/sociological works like Richard Bushman’s “Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling” and Armand Mauss’s “All Abraham’s Children” will provide ample primary source material.

Now, to address the question at hand (what does Mormonism have in common with Islam), first, both faiths recognize a kind of prophetic authority. Muhammad claimed to have been visited and taught by the angel Gabriel; Joseph Smith claimed several visions, including God the Father, Jesus Christ, angel Moroni (a Book of Mormon character), Elijah, John the Baptist, apostles Peter, James, and John, and many more.

Antebellum Americans picked up on this and other similarities, and went so far as to discredit Joseph Smith’s claims with a guilt-by-association attack with Muhammad (see J. Spencer Fluhman, ”‘An American Mahomet’: Joseph Smith, Muhammad, and the Problem of Prophets in Antebellum America,” Journal of Mormon History, Summer 2008.

Islam holds to rituals of sacrifice and pilgrimage that resemble some concepts in Mormon theology, but it’s safe to say that the two are very much distinct and nuanced more than compellingly similar.

Mormon concepts of polygamy actually have roots in a unique doctrine of Celestial marriage that came onto the scene with Joseph Smith, though Smith died too soon to announce it and teach it to the whole church body. Brigham Young was the main figure in leading the pioneer church into polygamous practices. The 4th president ended polygamy in the 1890s after the United States government passed the Edmunds-Tucker Act, a law that disenfranchised the church and its property (temples, among other things, immediately became property of the state and were repossessed by the federal government). Many Mormons at that time disagreed with the decision to abandon polygamy, and many (most) fundamentalist polygamy groups that have come out of Mormon can trace their beginnings to those that fractured off from the main church body at that time.

Islam on the other hand does have doctrines relating to polygamy, though of a completely different nature. In many countries where polygamy is legal, Muslims are known to practice it, but the practice for both faiths today is not so rooted in their theologies that one cannot be Muslim/Mormon unless one ascribes to polygamy.

As a footnote, I would add that it seems a travesty to me that many Americans still insist on Mormons being preoccupied with polygamy; it’s a travesty that many Americans discount Muslim belief because of marriage customs in foreign countries.

More could be said about the similarities/differences of these two faiths, but this will probably have to suffice, given the forum here.

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@archaeopteryx – I stand corrected. I confused Jordan with Tunisia. But I must say I’m very surprised. I’m very impressed by Queen Rania and what she does in Jordan and various Arab countries (especially improving the quality of education). I hope she wins a Nobel Prize one day. I cannot imagine that a smart woman like Queen Rania supports polygamy.

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I think today both would be treated either with anti-depresants or antipsychotics.

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