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Are Transitions Lenses awesome?

Asked by JoeyDesignsStuff (756points) April 20th, 2009

I haven’t had a new pair of glasses in a few years and I was thinking about getting some photochromic lenses (Transitions being the name everyone knows about). Does anyone here have them? Do they work really well? Do they ever mis- or overreact? Are they ludicrously expensive?

My only gripe with wearing glasses at all is having to squint when I drive during the day. My contacts are comfortable, but I sometimes don’t go home for 24 hours at a time and they get a little unpleasant. This is sounding like a good option.

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I dont personally have these types of glasses but my father does. He does alot of work outside so they are good for him. If you are outside alot and seem like they would fit into your life then you should try em out. You wear contacts so you have the best of both worlds ( i guess to say ).

Just do your research and make sure its what you would like to have. :)

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My friend had these lenses for the same reason you want them, daytime driving. However, she found that since her car windows have a UV coating on them, the lenses didn’t darken in the car! She quickly switched back. I always buy 2 pairs of glasses, one clear and one sunglasses. Just leave your sunglasses in the car at all times if that’s the only place you really need them.

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My complaints are they take too long to get dark when I go outside and light when I come inside. And they never seem to get completely clear so that I feel my night vision is slightly impaired.

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I had them when i first got glasses and i really didn’t like them. As RooeyToo stated, it takes about 2 minutes for them to completly darken and mine didn’t darken enough. there was a lot of light coming in from the top of your eyes that you don’t notice when you wear sunglasses because they hug closer to your eyes. With glasses there is a lot of room for light to get to your eyes. Also it took them about the same amount of time to brighten back up in doors. It may not sound too bad now, but its extremely irritating .

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just get two pair of glasses. One for driving and outdoor activities and another glasses for indoor. Or you can get tinted lens that you attach to your glasses. These you can get at costco.

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I also have two pair of glasses & leave my sunglasses in the car. I know people who have them & they never seem to get completely clear. It looks weird & it’s distracting. I wouldn’t like that at all. Personally, I’ll never buy them.

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I do leave my sunglasses in my car, but my uncorrected vision is something like 20/60, so I can’t drive safely without some kind of lenses in. I also had some clip-on shades for my eyeglasses when I was like twelve, but they made me look like more of a doofus than I already do – no small feat.

I think I’m going to call my optometrist and see if he’s got a pair I can try out.

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Don’t bother, they work too slowly, you just look silly.

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I had some in HS (Yes, people! They are not a new invention!) and I didn’t like them. They didn’t really look like sun glasses. They didn’t look cool at all.

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@Val123 Same, I got ripped for it, but it did mean I could keep them on inside and because they were so shit, teachers thought they were sunglasses and told me to remove them, which meant I got to refuse and wind them up for a bit until the lenses changed back to clear and they were like =_=’

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:) I didn’t experience anything like that! But it was mostly the transition part that was not cool to me. You’re at a point where they’re just a little dark, and it looked dorky!

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