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Can you help with game registration?

Asked by sandystrachan (4402points) April 20th, 2009

Hi i just bought a game for my daughters Wii , scratched off the code. Went to signed in , and tried to enter this code yet it keeps saying invalid code . I am confused its a new game code has never been registered . By the way i am using the computer not the wii to register the game .

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Is the code case sensitive?

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are you entering the in game wii friend code?

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I don’t believe registering the game is a necessary thing to do in order to play it. Club Nintendo is I believe a bonus feature where you can collect points for your games and do other things. You do not need to enter a registration code unlike with PC games where you are asked to do so when you install or launch the game for the first time.

Perhaps you are entering a letter O where it really wants the number 0? Zeroes usually have a cross through them or are shaped more narrow. The letter I and the number 1 can also be easily confused.

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Yes zero has a line through it i am entering the codes at club nintendo TO get the coin points .
Its the code you get on some games included on a card that you scratch off to reveal the code to get points .

I enter the code the way it is on the card !

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