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What's your favourite artificial sweetner and why?

Asked by seekingwolf (10402points) April 20th, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve noticed that people tend to have brand loyalty, particularly when it comes to sweetners. I you use them, what’s your preference and why??
(scientific evidence and reasons always welcome)

I LOVE Splenda. It doesn’t give me an odd aftertaste and I like the texture. It also doesn’t have a bad reputation for causing cancer in lab animals, which is a plus.

I’d like to try more natural sweetners but they are rather pricey right now.

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I have a strong dislike for chemical sweeteners. One natural sweetener I love is Stevia. It’s a super sweet plant that will grow happily in your kitchen, you crumble in a few leaves into your cooking and voila. I’ve never used it in cooking, I stick with real sugar for that.

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I can totally taste the whang from Splenda. It’s… oily and it lingers.

I like the idea of stevia-based sweeteners, but have yet to try any. I think I read somewhere recently that Coke might be bringing it to market in a soft drink soon.

I look for Pure Cane Sugar whenever possible.

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They all suck.

But Splenda if I have to. Still gross.

Sugar in the Raw / plain white sugar or bust.

EDIT: I have heard of stevia and I plan to try it.

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There’s a Stevia soda I’ve tried called Zevia. It’s not bad, but it’s really sweet. No aftertaste to speak of.

I don’t trust or like artificial sweeteners, although I used to use Equal many years ago.

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Splenda and Equal gross me out. But, I think I’d use Equal…I had to use Splenda the other day and wanted to gag. I don’t know how people use it.

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I also use the natural sweetener Stevia as a calorie-free sugar substitute. I can’t stand anyof the artificial sweeteners.

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i hate artificial sweetener.
give me sugar.

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I want to try Stevia but it’s kind of expensive right now. maybe this summer I will buy some.

It’s so funny how everyone has particular tastes with sweetners and how it can affect people differently.

I can’t have Equal at all…no way. It tastes bitter to me.

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I consider the health risk to be extremely low. It’s more dangerous to eat high glycemic food. Or drive too much and not walk.

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@casheroo: I feel the same way about Equal. And like seekingwolf, I find it taste almost bitter. :-P

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