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Have you had any experience with coyotes and foxes who might stalk a cat?

Asked by gailcalled (54553points) April 20th, 2009

I heard cawing noise at 5:00PM yeaterday and from the window, I saw MIlo strolling out of the woods, followed by a red fox. My shrieks scared him away. The animals are having babies now and hunt for food. Would Milo quality as a succulent snack. What to do?

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Nope, no direct experience.

But foxes generally skew smallish in size. I’d think a fox would find Milo a bit too big. They like to eat small invertebrates like frogs and salamanders. Occasionally rabbits, too though.

And if I remember correctly, Milo still has his claws… so he’s not defenseless.

If Milo is often out at night, he’s likely had several encounters with all kinds of wildlife.

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He snuck out a few times just after his arrival, and seemed traumatized and then ill. Within our first week together, he spent two overnights at the vet’s on meds and with a drip.

Now what about coyotes? I was pretty sure that this was a fox, but my terror reflex kicked in so fast, that I wouldn’t take an oath. MY concern was that MIlo seemed oblivious to the animal. Usually if M gets a whiff of something scary on the wind, he rushes into the house.

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Hmm… he might just need to get his bearings. Learn the ways of the wild.

Coyotes are more worrisome. Hopefully he keeps his senses about him. And I hope there are trees for him to climb.

As he gets comfortable with the surroundings, you shouldn’t be surprised if he goes on walkabout for 2–3 days or so. Cats do that, sometimes even making it a yearly event.

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I have found him three stories up on my roof on several occasions. A walk-about would finish me, never mind Milo.

Usually during the day, he will only go into my woods if I am with him. He keeps checking to see whether I am still in visual range.

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My folks live along an alligator-infested canal. Sometimes one of their 20 some odd cats goes missing… and well, who knows?


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I feel happier knowing Milo is somewhat cautious. Clearly the animal you saw following him is a friend, not a predator. But keep him in at night anyway. And get a huge Akita.
You’ll enjoy it.

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Coyotes will definitely kill a cat but I would bet maybe that a fox would also if the ‘food supply’ for them has depleted drastically. My sister lost a cat to a coyote.

Also, pets should really be kept indoors at night, even though I know it is hard to do with cats as they love to prowl. In fact, I have been having trouble lately keeping our cat in in the evening and all night. She always wants to go before it is dark then won’t come back in! Especially now that the weather is getting nicer.

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A fox is too small to eat a cat, and would not bother to tackle something with so many claws and teeth. I once found my cat beating up a red fox, and it was pretty freaked out by the attack.

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Cats are explorers. The only way to keep the cat 100% safe is to not let your cat explore by keeping him/her indoors

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A friend’s cat was attacked by a fox.She saw it happen.It required alot of stitches.Another friend’;s cat went missing for over a day and was found crouched in a corner of their lot in a face off with a racoon.As for coyotes,they have killed many dogs and cats where I live.

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